My name is David Paul Brown. I am a boy in a band called “You and What Army“. This is my blog.

I started blogging at the beginning of this year as a new years resolution. All my blogs were posted to my personal myspace, in an attempt to keep a weekly chronicling of my life. So far so good!

My girlfriend, Ashleigh, is a very good freelance web designer. Recently, she has been very entrepreneurial, developing websites and making her own of those “free ipod” and “free PS3” websites. It’s very pretty.

But yes, my point is, I overheard her saying that you can make money by blogging. She said something earlier today; “There are splogs (Spam blogs) that steal thousands of articles and make thousands of dollars in advertising revenue”. I thought to myself; christ on a bike. I could do that. Then after playing GTA4 for a bit, I realised that stealing was wrong, so I rethought my idea into blogging about what I know and what I like. Which is often the same thing.

What I know/like:

  • Making electronic music.
  • Crossing that music over with rock/metal music.
  • Being in an almost-signed Nu Rave band that is breaking out.
  • Gigging like hell.
  • The English Unsigned music scene (Some bands to check out: Out From Animals, Myth of Unity)
  • Playing Video Games (Online free flash games and console games depending on my mood).
  • Designing Video Games (I am on a university course studying Computer Games Design and Computer Games Programming).
  • Making Music for Video Games (F-Zero, Jet Set Radio, Katamari and Final Fantasy’s music all make me want to live longer)
  • Owning a Ragdoll Kitten named “Link” (Hyper or the Hyrulian hero? You decide!) with diarrhea.
  • Blogging (Shock horror)

I will be writing about things I know, in order to share my knowledge and to hopefully make large wads of cash out of it. Because people totally click on banner ads.

So yes; first post, and not even breaking a sweat. Well, my air conditioner is not working properly, so I’ve been sweating here during the entire post, but it’s much better to imagine me not sweating, wearing some I’m-so-much-of-a-rock-star-that-I-wear-shades-indoors shades, and quite possibly doing some Maddox-esque beating up of the less fortunate.


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