You and What Army is my band.

We are a fusion of Epic Trance, Crunk Hip hop, Spacey Noise and Face Crunching Metal. It’s a bit in-your-face live.

I am the frontman. I play electronics: samples, synths, decks and I also perform the vocals. Rapping and Screaming as a general rule, though the rest of the guys are slowly coming around on the whole “Dave singing” thing.

We’ve been a band for a long time. 2 years at least now. We’ve accomplished a lot: We were on TV last year:

Check it out!We’ve played gigs all over the country. We’ve got a massive myspace. We have hardcore fans. Recently though, the big news is that we’re in the process of being signed. We’re just waiting on the label to sort out the contracts and recording dates for our first single. Which is frustrating, but also very exciting.The Label is Babycakes Records. You may recognise the name “Babycakes”. They are a wildly successful clothing company; where all the scene kids go to buy their fashionable T-shirts etc. The owner of it, Paul Griffiths, sponsored YAWA via babycakes before they had their popularity boom. One thing led to another and we were chilling in the babycakes office with him and Bruce, the co-owner of the label.

Who is incidentally the guy who we’re waiting for a call from.But yes. We’ve got a big tour coming up this summer:

I got the design from Neil Duerden, an awesome designer (and a nice guy) who works for Bruce. I gave him my initial poster, he made it awesome, then I added the laser. There are never enough lasers on anything ever.And that just about sums up where YAWA is now.


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