Some of the best music ever written was played during boss battles, getting you pumped for that grand prix or taking your emotions to soaring heights in the plot-defining cut-scenes.   I have about 16 years of game-playing experience and here are the Top 10 Video Game Music Composers I have come across.

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For those looking for decent Rave-Rock music, there’s a hell of a lot of rubbish to sift through.

Fortunately, I’ve done that for you!

Here are my top 5 findings:

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Super Smash Bros Brawl arrived on my doorstep two days ago and I am half way to having RSI.

I don’t regret it though – it’s an incredible game.   The 2 years of having it pre-ordered seem worthwhile.   And I finally settled the age-old dispute of Sonic vs. Mario Continue reading »

Alright!   After two days of messing around with aspect ratios and codecs (The non-solid snake kind) I’ve uploaded my first tutorial video to the boyinaband youtube!

Check it out:

Making an Epic Trance Lead effect in Reason (Using the Malstrom Synth)

…and he’ll keep coming back to your website.

Looking around the internet, I have found that people who post regular tutorials get ridiculous amounts of traffic.

Youtube calls them "Gurus", which is an awesome ego-boost I’m sure, to be among the top gurus in the world.   I am totally going to try to get said ego boost.

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I was recently introduced to a trance synth called “Adventus”

Now as someone who is now very used to having everything I want in one place (Reason) I was a bit sceptical to going back to a plug in for my sounds.

But I was not disappointed; Adventus has a whole host of sounds that make your trance sound pro instantly. No tweaking the effects for hours until you finally get that dancefloor-filling sound, it just has it. And about 50 others besides. It’s fantastic.

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