Super Smash Bros Brawl arrived on my doorstep two days ago and I am half way to having RSI.

I don’t regret it though – it’s an incredible game.   The 2 years of having it pre-ordered seem worthwhile.   And I finally settled the age-old dispute of Sonic vs. Mario – Sonic kicks mario’s ass.   He’s much faster.   Plus, he has cheesy American catchphrases, instead of cheesy Italian ones.   “Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game!” – you know he means business.   “Mamma Mia!” – He’s still just a plumber.

Anyway, to the game – it’s top notch.   I am one character away from unlocking them all, and have played about 15 hours of the game so far.   Yet I can see myself still playing it a month from now because of all the trophies, masterpieces (demo versions of retro games – GENIUS idea from Masahiro Sakurai there!), stickers and levels to unlock, and the online mode (Which due to my “broadband” internet, which sometimes likes to pretend it’s a 56k modem, I haven’t been able to play yet ><) add so much to the lifespan of the game it is just ridiculous.

The Single Player mode is awesome – When you get tired of the Subspace Emissary (Adventure mode to some) there are enough events and classic modes to keep you entertained until you’re ready to watch the hilarious cutscenes again.   The plot is just amazing.   Captain Falcon and Olimar of Pikmin fame make the best Duo in videogaming history imo.  To clarify – my favourite point in the game is when Captain Falcon jumps out of his speeding Blue Falcon and Falcon Punches a robot in the face.   It’s like something I’d write a song about in YAWA.

A few minor niggles though – when playing the Subspace Emissary mode two player co-op with my girlfriend, we were annoyed that the camera only follows player one, so player two has to keep up with player one (A-la tails in Sonic 2), which can be really difficult with bombs and enemies and spikes and fire and the like, so that rendered an otherwise incredible co-op mode unplayable.

A minorer niggle is that in subspace emissary mode, upon completion, the levels that are completed are shown with a glowing portaly thing, whereas the levels that aren’t finished have a flag.   I logically assumed the flag meant completed and it took a few hours for me to figure out it was the other way around!

Otherwise, this game is flawless.   There is so much to do that it makes you think about just how small the amount of work you do is in comparison with the developers at HAL and Nintendo O_O.

So yes, I am going to go get back to kicking some plumber ass.

And so should you!

Did you enjoy smash bros. brawl?   As good as you expected?   Was it worth the hype?   Share your thoughts with a comment!


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