I was recently introduced to a trance synth called “Adventus”

Now as someone who is now very used to having everything I want in one place (Reason) I was a bit sceptical to going back to a plug in for my sounds.

But I was not disappointed; Adventus has a whole host of sounds that make your trance sound pro instantly. No tweaking the effects for hours until you finally get that dancefloor-filling sound, it just has it. And about 50 others besides. It’s fantastic.

Though my demo of the program seems to play random midi notes every now and again, which is more than a little bit infuriating.

But when it works, it means instant access to a ton of fantastic presets; dare I say it – All killer no filler.

I would well recommend to anyone looking for that anthemic trance sound to try it out.

Download the demo here.

What do you think of adventus?   Is there another VSTi that you think is better?   What’s your favourite preset?   Share your opinions and experience below!


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3 Responses to “New epic trance synth VSTi!”

  1. other ones great for trance production are ‘Massive’ and Absynth 4 gazillion sounds and fx to choose from!!! also ni’s FM8!!!

  2. it was OK, but I never kept it long enough to try it purely because of how infuriated I got about the white noise playing every 6 seconds.

    The problem is; companies don’t see that if they irritate their customers enough before they buy it, they won’t buy it anyway.

    It’s like having the money for a gallardo and contemplating buying one; and the dealer going “want it? can’t have it!” every time you reach for the keys. you’re going to walk out of there after smacking him one in the face, aren’t you?

  3. Its pretty awesome as a synth.
    The plugin is a bit annoying, because you have to ensure you load the plugin window at least once before you get any sound out. Didn’t think too much of the bass sounds, but apply some effects and hey presto.

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