Let’s set the record straight here: I like Sonar. It’s the sequencing software I am most comfortable with and I use it for the majority of the projects I do. However, this is probably because I was taught to use it for 2 years in a Music Technology course. It was kind of annoying to discover that I’d spent 2 years apparently learning to use a defunct piece of software.

I say defunct. It still sells and Cakewalk are still bringing out new versions of it, but in every studio I’ve been to it’s either been Pro Tools, Logic or Cubase. Even Ableton Live gets more love in the studio that Sonar. Speaking to producers and sound engineers I am lucky to get a snigger out of them, as they tell me that “Sonar is Dead”.

Unfortunately, I feel they might be right. Sonar could be the best sequencer in the world, but if I’m the only one using it I can’t easily export my tracks into a pro studio to mix them, or collaborate with someone. It’s actually pretty rubbish. Where to go? Pro Tools, where I have to sell a kidney to get a decent setup? Logic, the Mac-Exclusive which from what I understand makes you cooler than Dave Mitchell, but inducts you into that group of people that think their operating system defines their social status? Or Cubase… which is actually alright. But still isn’t considered one of the “Industry Standard”s.

So it’s with saddened eyes that I must find a replacement for my beloved sonar if I am to ever open a professional studio. For now, though, I’ll take comfort in that Web 2.0ish design of Sonar 6 and get back to mixing!


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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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