At the request of a message on Youtube, my third tutorial video has been uploaded!

Video Tutorial – Building a Trance Loop in Reason

Any more requests – just ask!

You could be the greatest songwriters and musicians in the world, but with a boring live show no-one will stick around to notice!   Here are some tried and tested ways to get your audience talking about your performance instead of over it whilst playing some of the smaller venues!

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Okay, so you’ve got a myspace and you’ve got some fans on your friends list – time to make the most of them!

These are things that I have learned to do for my band You and What Army that have proven results!

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Followers of boyinaband will know that as well as my interest in music and bands, I have a healthy obsession with Flash animation/programming.

After doing a lot of research and finding the ideal url, I have moved my blogs regarding flash animation to a new domain:

If you are an actionscripter, you’ll get it.

If not, you should totally become one.

This means no less blogs for you musicians:   in fact, it’s twice as many relevant blogs to your interests!


Leave a comment to tell me what you think of my new blog!

With about a million and six blogs-about-blogging on the ol’ interweb, it’s hard to know where to start.   I was introduced to Upstart Blogger by my freelance web designer girlfriend.   It’s chock full of useful articles advising how to begin, maintain and actually make money out of ones blogging empire.

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The MPC1000, being a massively versatile sampler, has a ton of effects on it (Even more with the upgraded JJOS), and two sliding controllers with which to operate these live.   However, the Kaoss Pad, apart from looking a lot more impressive, has got even more cool features that make it worth using in conjunction with the  MPC1000.   Here’s how I connect it in my electronics setup.

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