Some people insist that metal is heavier than electronica. Here is the genre to show them to prove them wrong. Gabber (also known as Gabba or hardcore), literally translated, means “buddy” or “friend” – which has pretty much nothing to do with the style. Unless your friend is a bass drum so distorted and overdriven and generally mangled that it has obtained a musical tone. In which case say hi to him for me…

For a pretty accurate example of the gabber genre , check out this video by the group “Angerfist”:

Headache-inducing music – but it’s so damn powerful! Sometimes at the expense of melody, but not always. A lot of times, Gabber musicians begin beautifully and go into the intense hard hitting style part way through. Trance-Gabber if you will. Others, such as Angerfist, stick to the sex,drugs and unnecessary violence and stay absolutely raw. There are some beautifully dark melodies in there though. Gotta love that EBM lead sound.

So if you’re looking for a genre to write on your computer that will blow some speakers and hit harder than a hammer in the face of an “easy listening” radio DJ’s face, then Gabber is totally for you.

Another place you might have heard Gabba, internet meme style, is here:


Any other gabber artists to check out? Throw them in a comment below!


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6 Responses to “Electronic music genre – GABBER (When Death Metal isn’t heavy enough)”

  1. Another good gabber producer is zatox and vorwerk erm and also donkey rollers are pretty sweet
    Ps: nice wiki note for the meaning of gabber hehe

  2. im a producer of gabba i got into like a 3 months ago love da hard core stuff

  3. [...] are generally not on the list, but in this list they come in at number 7. Representing for the Gabba genre are Angerfist – their insane live shows, unrelentingly heavy music and painfully yet [...]

  4. Breakcore, when gabber isn’t noisy and loud enough, and you’d like to rave without having skinheads nearby.

  5. Please acidbounce control, those two noted artists have noting to do with gabber/hardcore

    Vorwerk and Donkey rollers are Hardstyle/jumpstyle and nowhere near as agressive.

  6. i make tunes too :-) gabba is cool but breakcore will always be more mental :D its gabba+amen breaks!! still cool tho

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