Sometimes there’s no avoiding it – if you want to play guitar music live, even with synths and samplers, there’s no substitute for the real guitar-bass-drums behind the electronica. Samples just don’t cut it. So when you’re starting up your band, or if someone has left and you need to replace them – here are some tips to make everything less stressful!

1. Get their phone numbers!
You suddenly find out that a record label exec wants to meet with you -exactly on the time when your audition with the most promising guitarist is taking place! Without a phone number you’re letting someone down. With it, you’re telling Mr. Shred to hold onto his pickups and organise a new date, then sorting out a billion pound world-record-breaking contract. Sorted. i.e. You just never know when you might need to get in contact.

2. Get them to say something!
“hi im fred bloggs I wanna play guitar for u” – This doesn’t give you much to go on. When requesting applications, make sure to give them a space to talk. You can see from this who genuinely wants to be in your band and who just wants an easy ride to superstardom off the top of your dope skillz, yo. If someone takes the time to say why they would be an awesome addition to your band, and what they can offer, and someone else doesn’t – you know who’s going to be dedicated enough to put in extra hours after the band practice is over!

3. Keep things in one place!
When requesting auditions it can get confusing if they’re coming from everywhere. You might have myspace messages, emails, phone calls and blog responses all just waiting to slip out of your head. You might miss the only drummer in your area who can play to a click track if you don’t keep things organised. Direct everyone to one place. If it’s public, it also weeds out those who are embarrassed easily (not a good trait on stage!) And by redirecting them, if they don’t bother then it’s also weeding out those who don’t really care enough to put in a few extra minutes!

4. Keep a database!
Sometimes it’s not possible to get everyone to go to the sample place – as strange as it may sound not everyone has myspace… hell some people still don’t have the internet! So if you do have to keep in touch with a lot of people, make sure you note down everyone that’s applied in a database, with all their details. This way you won’t forget anyone or anything!

5. Don’t go chasing wild geese.
Remember – it’s an amazing opportunity for them. When talking with them, don’t bother chasing up those people who can’t be bothered to reply. You don’t want to be in a band with people who aren’t going to be easy to contact. Communication is vital to the success of any business, and a successful band is run like a business!

Now go forth and assemble the greatest group the world has ever witnessed! (Alliteration FTW!)

Any other tips when it comes to organising auditions? share them with us in a comment!


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