Okay, so I want to make a big fat immense sounding pad effect to compliment a beautiful high choir sample, but all the presets seem lacking. It is easy to assume that since none of the presets have that power, it is unfeasible to get the sound I’m looking for. WRONG! All it means is it’s time to take things into your own hands…

Think logically – What makes things bassy? Low octaves, low pass filtering… let’s start there. So I have a malstrom synth taken down a few octaves, and run it through an LPF. Its bassy, but there’s still no power. No time to get frustrated – just think about it.

What makes things powerful? Layering, detuning oscillators slightly, compression, careful EQing. So I copy the instance of malstrom and take the octaves up and down so I have a three octave spread, each slightly detuned. Combine them into a combinator to turn the 3 instances of malstrom into one useable instance. Take to the EQing and whack up the bass end. Finally, Add some MClass compression and maximising to make the sound even more powerful and stereo image it to give it the wide, immense feel.

There. I have a massive pad and I didn’t spend hours after the song was finished desperately trying to make a rendered audio file of the pad into something it really isn’t. Take care of the source sounds and the song’s quality will take care of itself!

Any other tips on making phat pads? Share them with us in a comment!


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  1. Super duper help d(^_^d)

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