Having recently re-done my band You and What Army’s Myspace page, I have come up with a bunch of snazzy (Awesome word) ideas to make your band’s myspace more interesting!

Here they are…

  1. Meebo Chat Box A fantastic way to get your fans involved with you, and to get your haters doing some promotion!   If people see people hating a band, they logically think they must be popular.   Get everyone you can on there.   Even organise dates that members of the band will be on there to chat!

    Website: http://www.meebo.com

  2. Fan Slideshow I’ve been using this one with YAWA for a while; head over to slide.com and add a slideshow of fans doing things to represent for your band!   Write your band name on them somewhere, do some fanart- anything!   Again, this increases that band-fan interaction no end!

    Website: http://www.slide.com

  3. Mailing list.Get your fans educated!   If you can get them to sign up to a mailing list then you can regularly update them on the latest goings on of the band without relying on them seeing a bulletin!   Score.   Reverbnation has a decent mailing list on the go:

    Website: http://www.reverbnation.com

  4. Banners Get a banner your fans can chuck on their myspace page sorted!   If you can’t design one yourself, ask a fan to do it!   They’ll be more than happy to get involved the majority of the time.   Otherwise, make friends with some people on DeviantART!

    website: http://www.deviantart.com

  5. Contact Details How can a big record company contact you with that career-making deal with no contact info?   I doubt the executives at EMI use myspace!   How about Kerrang wanting a 2 page spread?   That said, Rock sound actually did contact my band through myspace when featuring us.   Sign of the times.   But yes, for bookings and press enquiries, a clear space with an email or two is really useful for keeping things organised for the business users of your myspace!


Any other suggestions for things to add to your band myspace in div boxes?   Post them in a comment below!



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