Myspace is usually the first port of call for telling the world about your band – but there are so many other places to get the word out that it’d be a shame to keep your music restricted to one website!

Here are a few alternatives that I’ve tried with my band, You and What Army, to get you started:

1. Last.FM – An awesome website that shows which songs people are listening to and is good at introducing people to new music.   Definately worth visiting.

2. Reverbnation – Has some fantastic tools to promote your band with, including a whole street team section that is well worth looking at!

3. Bebo - A myspace-esque social networking website that has a decent amount of traffic, meaning a decent amount of people to get the word out to!

4. Facebook - Apparently more popular than myspace now, the social networking phenomenon is so much cleaner and crisper than myspace, and has a huge community to promote to.

5. Mindviz - Another social networking site that is not so popular that it’s impossible to get into their music charts with a bit of help from your fans!   And chart positions = recognition!

Do you know any other good sites for band promotion?   Share them with us in a comment below!


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2 Responses to “Some websites other than Myspace to promote your band on!”

  1. Purevolume would be one, and buzznet if you’re in some form of emo/screamo/poprock/’blank’core band.

  2. How do you go aboutt eh artist registry on

  3. soundcloud, youtube and

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