I’ve recently been inspired to take a look into the Dubstep genre, and as such began a hunt for finding some awesome dubstep samples! Here’s what I found…

Hop over to this link to download some quality dubstep samples! I think they were used in a competition for a dubstep community at one point, hence the name.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to open the samples, click here for tutorials on how to do so! :D

14-07-09 UPDATE: The original link is broken now, so I’ve uploaded the dubstep samples here for you :)

So go ahead and make some powerful, trippy beatz with that oh-so-iconic WUBWUBWUB bass synth sound!

Go forth and blow speakers!


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67 Responses to “Awesome free Dubstep samples!”

  1. Nice site man, samples a great cheers pal

  2. how do i inport the dubstep free sample pak , once i’ve downloaded it.

    i’m working with reason 4.

    ?? thanks

  3. When I tried to download the file, all I saw was random text, so I right clicked and did “Save as” and what I downloaded was just a text file. I’m on a mac by the way

  4. How to make REX2 file out of these wav files?

  5. I’m using a Mac too and the download appears to be text as well

  6. i have a macbook and when i try to download your sample packs either it does nothing or i get a bunch of text i tryed downloading the mac version of winrar but nothings working out????? im stumped

  7. Yo bro big ups for the samples!!!

  8. yo wtf cant download the samples. just shows up as text

  9. Right click > Save as :)

  10. Hey man, thank you for the samples! Amazing site and I love your tutorials!! Although, I have no money to donate now, you will surely get some when I get my tax returns. You deserve it. :D

  11. alright you just change .rar.txt to .rar

  12. Nice sounds, cheers! Also bought this dubstep pack the other day from Balkansky, some pretty epic sounds too! Balkansky dubstep loops and samples

  13. thats why you should buy a windows instead

  14. to all thoes getting txt files…..QUIT USING MAC

  15. nice songs

  16. loving virtual DJ system(program) my boyfriend makes it sound like heaven and earth in a nutshell but need to feel the touch of vinyl in my fingers had a pair of decks to die for personalised with my initials but some d**K smashed my decks and vinyl to bits obviously never had the passion i have for MUSIC as music is the answer to your problems keep on grooving but you will never stop me and my mind moving!!!

  17. best site mahn….thank you

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