At the request of a youtube comment, I made this tutorial for making a hardstyle bass patch in reason using Thor and a few other bits n’ bobs!

Also explains about sidechaining in Reason and why it is awesome.

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Struggling to find a decent layout to go with your brand spanking new myspace profile 2.0? Let me help you out with a few choice links…

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Google is surprisingly thin on the ground when it comes to finding some happy hardcore samples, so I’m here to point you in the right direction for beefing out your hardcore beats with these kicks, claps and snares I found that are ideal for a bit o’ Happy Hardcore…

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While Drums and Bass are often the foundation of a good recording, the vocals are what the average ear will be following, and if they are punctuated with plosives and saturated with sibilance then even the least experienced listener will know something is dodgy!   Avoid those easy mistakes and improve your vocal takes with these 5 simple methods…

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