WTF. How in the hell can this even be possible?!   Melodyne is, for those who don’t know, among the best producers of autotuning software.   Now they’ve pretty much shot to number 1 with this…

“Direct Note Access” – DNA; kinda appropriate as it allows you to manipulate the fundamental things which make up the music.   Christ on a bike.   We don’t need talent anymore – ace!

That’s just mental.   Don’t you think?   I think T-Pain will have a fit of euphoria when he finds this.


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9 Responses to “Proof that we live in the future – Altering pitch of notes within chords!”

  1. don’t want to sound like an knob but i feel like i’ve known about this software for at least a year…

  2. I got my completely legal, absolutely paid for, I don’t steal on the internet, copy of Melodyne a couple of months back and I’ve started using it properly just recently. Phenomenal. A lot of people see it as a replacement for talent, a hit single machine, but I don’t think it is. I can sing but I cant sing very well, Melodyne sorts out my off notes and if i like (and I do) gives me an auto-tuned emotronic effect. It gives people who cant sing , a voice :) You can hear it in action at my myspace :D

  3. fuck this! unbelievable!! who would think beardy mcbeardyface could think up that eh?!

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  5. Dang…finally something that lives up to the 21st Century expectations haha. Can’t wait to try this!
    I believe hover cars are next ;)

  6. that is amazing…

    who needs musical skill when you can buy it?

  7. Changing notes inside of chords doesn’t seem very remarkable, until you consider that it’s an audio clip, a live capture of a sound, not information a grid. Not surprising melodyne was the one come up with this. This is big , it’s really big, it’s almost a midi-like control over audio. WHEN this technology is fully developed, it will change everything.

    Last night I saw Dr. Dre in a dress all glamed up with lipstick, (WCWC)
    and that changed everything.

    This website is freakin’ amazing! ;)

  8. I saw that picture of Dre… Scary stuff, man.

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