As my first public commission, I was asked to make a Dirty South style beat and explain both the synths and my creative process whilst doing so – so here it is!

Don’t forget to get up in dat club!

Check out the tutorial here!

As a part of a commissioned tutorial for a dirty south-esque beat, I made a pitched snare roll, and thought it’d be useful to make a video just for that effect, since it’s quite popular, and most people on youtube tend to use automation for it instead of the NN-XT sampler, which I think is a long winded way to make the effect compared to my method.

It uses NN-XT, MClass compressor and a bit of RV7000 reverb.   A nice, quick tutorial for you! :)

Check it out!

There are a lot of different types of Drum and Bass – Dark tracks, Chilled tracks, Poppy tracks… But here I’m focusing on the cool ones.   The ones that make your face contort like someone implanted some iron in one of your cheeks and then held a magnet near your head.   The ones that make you do that Ali G finger clicky thing when you hear them (Well, if you can do it – I never figured it out).

Here are the top 5 frickin’ cool Drum and Bass Anthems ever…

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Without realising it, I grew up on Drum and Bass.

I played a lot of video games and watched a lot of kids TV cartoons. Thanks to the “X-Treme” marketing phenomenon of the late 90s, you could pretty much guarantee that the TV Spot advertising “Super X Power Force” (I wish there was a TV series called that) would contain some pumping drum and bass loops.

However, shockingly enough, Drum and Bass didn’t originate in Dreamcast-based Sonic the Hedgehog games and overzealous advertisements. But where did it originate? Let’s ask some questions…

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With the success of my making the beat episode for “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island (It’s actually my most viewed page now!) I’ve had several requests to do other Lonely Island tracks – unusually enough, most for “We like Sportz”.

It’s a hilarious song, with one of the silliest sounding beats I can bring to mind, so I went ahead and made it.

Click here to check out my making the beat video for We Like Sportz!

I am a massive fan of quality crunk hip hop music. It’s all about those cheesy 808-esque drum samples with unnecessarily dancy lead lines. I am also a fan of helping the internet community find what it wants. Put it together and what have you got?

The first boyinaband free sample pack!   Check it out…

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