Thanks to a request, I decided to look into some more professional production techniques and developed this ace trance bass synth effect while working on a hard trance/metal song for my band You and What Army.

Think of it as a follow-up to my other powerful trance bass synth tutorial, which is currently my most popular youtube video!

It uses the RPG-8 Arpeggiator (a joke I only just got today, go me.) and Thor, as well as the MClass mastering suite in its entirety to give a professional quality synth.

Check it out!

How do you annoy Lady Gaga? :P

I thought I’d try doing a song in the charts that had some sweet synths in it – A bit of oscillator sync, mod bus routing with Thor and filter envelopes! All nicely summed up in under 10 minutes – what more could you want? :D

As usual, made with Reason 4.

Check it out!

Since uploading my “Making the Beat” for “I’m on a boat” I’ve had a bunch of requests for the MP3 of it – so I’ve uploaded the instrumental version of the song to youtube, along with the lyrics for your boating pleasure.

I’ve also made the mp3 downloadable from the respective making the beat page so you can make your own covers.

Be sure to add them as video responses; I’d love to see what you make!


Hey guys,

Looking around the internet I found this video review of reason 5 and some of the amazing new devices and features it’ll have and figured I should share it with you.

Cool, eh?! :D

I’ve been holding it in for a long time and I just need to confess something: I love Dubstep.

About 6 months ago I really didn’t; in fact, I felt quite the opposite. It was an excuse to test your subwoofers and make electronic music even more repetitive and uninspired. light intro, insert random sample, Wub wub wub.

But now I have come to appreciate why it is so much more than that. Time to ask some questions…

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Are you getting into the whole dubstep scene and find yourself a little lost when it comes to finding quality tuneage? Well this blog should give you 5 starting points from which you can go exploring into several totally radical unnecessarily bass-heavy heavens!

You can also buy this one.   Yay!

BTW – you can get this T-Shirt here.

Here are’s top 5 dubstep artists to check out if you are new to the scene…

Warning: This is an old list – I made a mix for the best dubstep producers of 2012 in the following video if you want the up to date version!:

Links to the producers in the video:

Check out Malleus:
Check out Mizuki’s Last Chance:
Check out Dorincourt:
Check out Klaypex:
Check out Noisestorm:

And the top 5 for 2009 was…

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