Are you getting into the whole dubstep scene and find yourself a little lost when it comes to finding quality tuneage? Well this blog should give you 5 starting points from which you can go exploring into several totally radical unnecessarily bass-heavy heavens!

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Here are’s top 5 dubstep artists to check out if you are new to the scene…

Warning: This is an old list – I made a mix for the best dubstep producers of 2012 in the following video if you want the up to date version!:

Links to the producers in the video:

Check out Malleus:
Check out Mizuki’s Last Chance:
Check out Dorincourt:
Check out Klaypex:
Check out Noisestorm:

And the top 5 for 2009 was…

5) Skream

Dark. Very dark. Skream has mastered the art of making music that is the audible equivalent of an innocent child walking through a tunnel full of hellish monsters that look on curiously. Listen to this track if you don’t believe me, which also has a surreal as hell video:

Skream – “Superfly”

Grab Skream’s album here:


4) Benga

Benga’s tunes make me think of things people who just had massive speakers installed in their pimped out cars would cruise to. A kind of hip hop vibe lies just behind the dirty dub. Also prone to stupidly heavy synths (Check out the track “The Cut” O_O). But for this video I picked a nice low-rider-friendly tune…

Benga – “Evolution”

Grab Benga’s album here:

Diary of An Afro Warrior

3) The Widdler

Minimalistic, Dark Dub from straight outta New Jersey. Looks like he uses Reason for his production too – so instant cool points there. So offbeat it hurts – it’s almost almost trip hoppy. Check out this tune which samples “The Shining”

The Widdler – “Red Rum”

2) Rusko

Rusko is FUN. He has a tendancy to give his tracks a brilliant bounciness that you don’t get from the darker dub. Don’t get me wrong though, his tunes are still gritty and disgusting – just in a way that makes you want to nod your head with a smile like you just ate a lemon, but also got given a hundred quid for doing so.

Rusko – “Woo Boost”

Grab Fabriclive.37 Caspa and Rusko’s Mix Album here:


1) Chase and Status

The closest thing you’ll find to mainstream dubstep; this is dubstep from a DnB producer’s perspective. Think Pendulum-quality production on some seriously dirty tunes. They’ve taken the first step to getting the genre some serious attention by collaborating with Snoop Dogg on the track “Snoop Dogg Millionaire” (He’s nothing if not subtle, that Cordozar (That’s Snoop’s real name, btw.)) It’s a pretty cool track, not sure if I prefer the original track “Eastern Jam”, though. Check ‘em both out:

Chase and Status & Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg Millionaire

Chase and Status: Eastern Jam

Grab Chase and Status’ Album here:

More Than Alot

So there you have it – boyinaband’s top 5 Dubstep artists.

Do you want to learn how to make your own tunes?   Watch my 7 Day Song Dubstep Tutorial and maybe you’ll be next on the list!

Do you know of any that should have been in the top 5?   Share them with us in a comment below!


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360 Responses to “Top 5 Dubstep artists you pretty much need in your life.”

  1. Skrillex: dub-house-glitch-electro.
    Deadmou5: same.
    Pendulum: F*cked up dnb.
    Knife Party: I don’t even know.
    All are awesome now everyone shut the fuck up and listen to some music

  2. Skrillex needs to be here. And Knife Party
    Skrillex song: Cinema (Skrillex Remix) or Levels (Skrillex Remix)
    Knife Party song: Fire Hive

  3. Bassnectar, why is he not here?

  4. dude! are you kidding me! the new 2012 artists or f**king amazing!!!!! i dont know what to say!!!!!!!! i jizzed o.O

  5. ninja kore is the best dubstep band ever!!!!!!!! NINJA KORE!!!!!! again…NINJA KORE !!!!!!

  6. Skrillex sucks hipster nuts. The dude mixes transformer sounds in every track. Over rated, should have never got a grammy. Cinema is a song for girls.

  7. Skrillex doesnt belong here, koan sound and zero x do

  8. knife partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  9. skrillex needs to be in this

  10. Where is knife party?! It needs to be there! <3

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