There are a lot of different types of Drum and Bass – Dark tracks, Chilled tracks, Poppy tracks… But here I’m focusing on the cool ones.   The ones that make your face contort like someone implanted some iron in one of your cheeks and then held a magnet near your head.   The ones that make you do that Ali G finger clicky thing when you hear them (Well, if you can do it – I never figured it out).

Here are the top 5 frickin’ cool Drum and Bass Anthems ever…

5. State of Mind – Snakecharmer

If this isn’t something you would instantly spazz out to if you heard it in a club, I don’t know what is. Sounds like an aeroplane crashing into a mixing desk. Seriously cool stuff.

4. Chase and Status ft. Plan B

Don’t be put off by the intro – wait for the drop. This is a frickin’ awesome track. Chase and Status are also in my dubstep top 5, which all goes to their credit, they are capable of diversifying between genres really well. Pretty unique music video too O_O

3. Pendulum – Masochist

When the beat has a lion roar in it you know it is going to be cool. Gotta be one of Pendulums all time greats, which is saying something. I guess this might be more jungle than DnB with the lion roar though! Ha! Ha! I’ll move on…

2. Mistabishi – Printer Jam

This is a track that everyone that’s used a computer should experience at some point in their life. The drop later on in the track is AMAZING. The video is mental as well.

1. Bomfunk MCs – Freestyler

You can’t get much more of a DnB Anthem than this. Arguably the first DnB track to really become a massive mainstream hit.

And it is so frickin’ cool.

Did I miss any seriously cool Drum and Bass Anthems from the list? Share them in a comment below!


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7 Responses to “Top 5 frickin’ cool Drum and Bass Anthems”

  1. masochist is such a goooooooooooood song. i cant stop listening to it. no offence to the others, and even though theyve gone off in a different direction now, pendulum are/were just a cut above the rest. also, can anyone tell me what the main differences between dnb and dubstep are? i know dubsteps slower, but what else?

  2. tc’s rockstar is awsome nero act like you know apart from the vocals get a bit annoying after a while :)

  3. squarepusher’s beepstreet surely..

  4. What about:
    Original Sin – Therapy?
    Original Sin – D For Danger
    Ebony Dubsters – RA (Any version)
    Hype – No One
    Dj Hazard – Death March
    Dj Hazard – Machette
    Me – Oblivion (hehe Obviously I’d be in there somewhere)
    Hazard & D Minds – Mr Happy
    Adelle – Home Town Glory (High Contrast Remix)
    TC – Where’s My Money (Original/ Clipz Remix)
    Clipz – Download (Original Sein Remix) << The Original version was rather poo! lol
    And the list goes on. Altho to be fair, that looks like a good track listing for a set! lol :P

  5. What about:

    Klute: Hell Hath no Fury
    Shy FX & T-Power: Shake Your Body
    Sub Focus: X-Ray
    M-Beat: Incredible Feat. General Levy
    Bad Company: The Nine
    Shock One: Polygon
    High Contrast: Racing Green
    Dom & Roland: Can’t Punish Me
    Calyx – Are You Ready (Hive and Gridlok remix)
    Aries – Herbsmoke (TC Remix)
    Fred V & Grafix – Just A Thought (Ft. Reija Lee)

    I could keep going, for now go on youtube and take a listen to each masterfully pieced dnb tunes.

  6. Renedage – Terrorist

  7. sorry I meant:

    Renegade – Terrorist :) ))

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