It is frickin’ ridiculously hard to find good samples for heavy Drum and Bass. So to help out the internet, I’ve got some of the snappiest snares and the punchiest kicks together. I present to you:

The boyinaband free Drum and Bass sample pack!

Check it out…

This one contains 30 drum samples perfect for driving those intense DnB songs along! Remember – Drum & Bass is all about layering – don’t forget to put different snares together to create more interesting and powerful beatz, yo!

Download the sample pack here!

If you make anything sweet with it you should totally tell me!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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57 Responses to “Free Sample Pack – 30 Frickin’ ace Drum and Bass samples!”

  1. Hello Dave,
    I come from Germany.
    That’s why I do not understand what you say, because in videos.
    Can you please tell me Which pack of your website,
    do you have in Reason. My laptop is bad, Can not see it
    which pack you use.
    Since I can not speak English, it is slightly heavier but good!
    Thanks for the videos

  2. Oi Oi! Nice one dave! Just a quick post to say thanx for the samples, always useful m8! Also, I have sampled ur voice for the video for the Drum Loop of the 7 day jump up Drum & Bass video, talkin’ about how ‘freakin sweet’ it is! lol I hope u don’t mind if I put them in a tune? If u don’t mind, I’ll post it up on my sound cloud so u can download and/ or just have a listen. :)

    PS I make my tunes on music 2000 on a ps1! No fuckin’ joke either! lol :)

  3. hey dave could you do a more snappy but hard snare sample pack like the snares in datsik and excision swagga?


  4. @ DrBeatMaster1

    try to stack some snare samples and then a little bit reverb, thats the simplest way to get snare drums like flux datsik …

  5. ah and Dave cool sample Pack thank you

  6. nice samplesmate, check out also if u have time or thanks and cheers mate.

  7. Hey man, just wanna say thanks for a shit load of stuff! I’m a fanatic reason producer from the Netherlands and you have thought me a lott. Keep it up, you maybe wanna do a collab? I’m working on a few things for a few labels and I’m pretty siked with my new stuff!
    Hit me up, would be cool!

    Greetings Robin van Taarling/Orbotics
    Keep it up!

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