Making interesting glitches can be hard work, so I’ve put together 50 (!) of the glitch hop-iest glitches together for you to wet your appetite in the big new genre that’s sweeping the interweb!   So without further ado, I present to you…

The boyinaband free Glitch Hop sample pack!

Check it out…

This one contains 50 glitches, blips and hats ideal for splicing with some other samples to make some seriously interesting glitch hop beats!   Try replacing your snares with some layered glitches and be creative with your syncopation!

Download the sample pack here!

If you make anything sweet with it you should totally tell me!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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25 Responses to “Free Sample Pack – 50 Glitchtastic free Glitch Hop samples!”

  1. what the type of file is “.rar” ??

    i cant download any of your free samples… :(

    cant you just make them wav or something easy please?

    cheers :)

  2. You’ll need to download “winrar”(google it – it’s free!) – it is a compressed file format. Without it, I couldn’t afford to store the samples at all!

  3. seriously…I can’t believe in the year 2009 people don’t know what a rar file is…heheh….shocking..

  4. thank you!

  5. ty very much
    respect from me for all the help you give us

  6. OMG!!! what a noob! you suposed to be a producer and u dont even know what rar is?! lol. go play tetris kid xD

  7. If you were a real producer you’d be working on a mac, you schmuck on wheels.

  8. [...] [www] 50 Glitchtastic free Glitch Hop samples by Boyinaband – These samples are obviously inspired by glitch hop beats but they can obviously be used as a spice in various other styles. Great for layering. [...]

  9. i would love to hear some industrial samples/tutorials!

  10. not sure what im doing wrong, every time i click on your link it just gives me a long ass page of text and when i save the link and open it i get the same thing… help!

  11. nvm i spoke too soon i figured it out :P

  12. Pikka28 If YOU were any real producer you wouldn’t be wasting your time stealing loops from someone else. These loops are for starters and to learn how to produce, and if that is the case then why the fuck are you here “Master Producer?”

  13. I downloaded and I can’t open it up on Reason at all. Help?

  14. hahahaha you guys are ridiculous who cares what some random person you will never meet on the internet says! just enjoy the samples! thanks for the samples to i cant wait to hear them

  15. wow thanks dude!

  16. Thank God for these glitch samples….i can glitch away until my hearts content! thank you! normally glitchin takes hours and its pretty painstaking…but these make it easy to get a loop together and glitch away!! here is what i have acheived wiv it so far dudes!

  17. mate you are really helpful with your youtube vids but i cant get any of your samples to work in reason 5 :S anyone help?

  18. Markoni, that was completely uncalled for. People use what they wanna use. If Dave (or anyone else, including me) wants to use Windows, then that’s our choice. It doesn’t make anyone a schmuck.

  19. Dude THanks so much man

  20. [...] 50 Glitchtastic free Glitch Hop samples by Boyinaband – These samples are  inspired by glitch hop beats but they can obviously be used as a spice in various other styles. Great for layering. [...]

  21. not everyone uses macs. I personally hate mac. I still produce the same quality shit anyone does with a mac. get over yourselves.. apple heads.

  22. Maybe a Future Garage or Old Garage sample pack?

  23. good job man!
    please do a west coast sample pack

  24. i would like to see an industrial (EBM/aggro tech or anything along those lines) sample pack .. i can not find any that i like personally. THANK YOU

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