Have you just discovered the wonders of Glitch Hop and are wondering where you can go to get some quality Glitch pumping out of your speakers?

Well I’ve done the legwork for you – here are 5 of the top Glitch Hop producers out there.

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As a part of my Glitch Hop week, I’ve made a tutorial for how to get the iconic stuttered vocal effect found in loads of songs by Glitch Hop artists!

All you need is a sample and 5 minutes.   And Reason.   And a bunch of Kinder Buenos (Well, I had them and it certainly helped my inspiration!)

Check the tutorial out here!

I had a really, really nice surprise recently.

I was given a few sample packs to review from Primeloops.com, one of which was called “Glitch Hop drum beats”. I had only heard of the genre in passing, never actually listening to it or researching it, but figuring I had the samples I convinced myself to take the time to do so.

I am so glad I did.

It was like the excitement when I discovered Dubstep. Powerful, electronic music that lives in its very own stylistic bubble. A new genre. But what’s that genre all about? Let’s ask some questions…

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I’ve made a piece of music to the Final Fantasy XIII Game Trailer for my portfolio and Figured I’d share it with you – Check it out!

I did all the recording, performing, mixing and composition myself.   I figured Final Fantasy needed some frickin’ intense Drum and Bass Orchestral Metal.   Logically.

It was fun to make – expecially making the music play off the action, notice how the drum and bass follows the gunshots etc.?    And it’s fun making the obscure time signatures to match the flow of the video, like in the breakout in the middle.

What d’ya think? :)

Making quality Dubstep can be a challenge.

I was recently asked to do a review for the Primeloops Sample Pack – “Dubstep Producer”, so I did so in the only way I thought credible – I made a song.

It’s all very well and good someone saying how good the samples are, but I figure you need something to listen to.  So here it is: My original composition made entirely with the Dubstep Producer Sample Pack.

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I found an AWESOME insight into making quality dubstep on youtube – Quite possibly my favourite Dubstep DJ at the moment, Rusko, explains how he makes his signature sound.

Rusko is one of the only Dubstep producers that I feel has a really unique style. He’s made Dubstep fun; it’s stuff that could get you dancing even though it’s got that offbeat, slow Dub feel to it. And here is how he does it.

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