Reason 5 was supposed to be announced recently.   Instead, look what we have been given by Sweedish software giants Propellerhead.

Actually wow.

Propellerheads Record.   The name pretty much sums it up – it’s simple.   It’s for musicians.   Which is where the whole market is going.

This is the piece of software I have been waiting for since getting my grubby mitts on Reason 3 all those years ago.   Here’s Why:

No More ReWire

I am so sick of dealing with ReWire and its awkward interface – here we have the perfect integrated package.   It integrates seamlessly with Reason 4.   No need for fiddly ReWire.   Maybe there is a god after all.

Industry-changing Timestretching

The Timestretching is MENTAL.   On this blog by, I found a link to A demo of timestretching.   Have a listen.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

What in the name of hell.   First Melodyne do their changing pitches of notes within chords, now this?   It’s only a matter of time before we won’t need instruments at all.

Stupidly Professional Quality

Also, since it’s modelled after the SSL 9000k mixer (one of the best mixers, like, evaaahh according to rich studio owners everywhere) it comes with this amazing master bus compression.   Is this the secret formula to making your mixes sound like the pros?   We will soon see.

Line6 POD integration for Guitarists + Bassists

Oh, and integrated bass POD and guitar POD modules?   Freakin’ hell, it’s like they said “Hey, Dave – what do you want in your dream piece of software?” and added everything except the “insert awesome scratch solo” button.

Record <3 Remixers

It’s also built for remixers – I read in my computer music magazine that there is a stem export function that uses a simple checkbox menu.   So no more bounce, export multiplied by however many zillion tracks you have.   Holy crapoly.

In Conclusion…

I am actually more excited about this than my own birthday.

If this eventually has Autotune, Scratch Emulation (somehow) and Quality drum emulation (like that of the ezDrummer software – Drums From Hell is AMAZING for metal) then I’m pretty sure I could give up having a social life, since I wouldn’t need anyone to help me calm down from the frustration of an awkward workflow.   Who needs lifelong friends anyway?

It’s out on 9 September 2009

Check out more about it on Propellerheads’ official page


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2 Responses to “Propellerhead Record – No more ReWire”

  1. Wow, indeed.
    I can’t wait to see it in action. More so to see what results you’ll get with it.

    Heh, should be a Apocalyptic fun bag in your hands.

  2. That’s the most epic commercial that I have ever been fortunate to watch. +1.

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