Okay, so this whole week I’ve been blogging here on boyinaband.com about the amazing genre Glitch Hop and I figure a nice way to end the Glitch Hop week is to link you to a site where you can hear more of it, share your own Glitch Hop tracks and immerse yourself in the community around it.

Check out www.glitchhopforum.com run by 2 of the artists in my Top 5 Glitch Hop Artists blog and expand the community!   You’ll find new music, tips on production and news on Glitch Hop Events there.   Sweet, huh?

I hope the past few blogs have been interesting and helped to expand your horizons and encourage you to try out your own Glitch Hop music!

Any other important websites relating to Glitch Hop you think need mentioning?   Post them in a comment below!


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