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17 Responses to “Top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers”

  1. This was thoroughly enjoyable. d(^_^d)

  2. Why thank you! :)

  3. LOL … Nice selection :D It never really got to me that Lil Jon is all yeah and okay… Now that I concentrate on it, it’s truly hilarious… Thank you for opening my .. Umm.. Ears? :)

  4. xD My pleasure. He is spectacularly one-dimensional.

  5. [...] making my Top 10 unintentionally hilarious rappers list, it got quite a lot of traffic, so looking into doing another top 10 rappers-y thing, I [...]

  6. I love Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. I am so glad you chose Lil’ Jon as number one, that bitch is hilarious!

  7. Needs more Lil wayne hahah

  8. Haha he was a close number 11 xD

  9. HAHAHAHAH u made my day xD

  10. well me being from the bass city (miami) i think rick ross was a good choice cause ive never seen or heard of him till everyday im hustlin so i guess he isnt that big of a hustler if no one in miami has seen him around and he is not that hard to recognize…but id have to disagree with snoop and dre…lil jon is a joke as a producer and artist over all so hes a perfect number 1 lol….but hey why not teach us how to make a runners style beat..(everyday im hustlin,and most of dj khaleds beats)

  11. lol!!! This was amazing, thanks for the compilation :) I gotta say the Mike Skinner was #1 in my books hehe!
    They had that on a FIFA game (If I remember correctly), it drove me up the wall… Keep up the great work man :)

  12. Lmao, this is DEFINATELY missing the “Crunk Core” band brokeNCYDE. ( Consider yourself warmed: Instead of rapping, singing, or talking, these kids scream. Fucking hilarious.

  13. Hah, I’ve been down to support Brokencyde with my band but they pulled out of the tour =/ In any case they are hilarious. I suppose with lil’ Jon in there that’s pretty similar though :P

  14. The saddest moment of my life was hearing Lil Jon mixing reqium for a dream. I nearly cried it was that bad. Its basically a slight edit of your “crunk in 3 steps”

    Take one of the most heart poundingly intense pieces of music written

    Re-do it with impressively weak synths and a poor, poor beat.


  15. Haha love how you put this humor on the table… hystericall.. now watch me crank that roosavelt!

  16. I think this is a okay list you made, Dave. i can do nothing but agree to the thing about tha SOULJA BOY.. dmn he suck di** when you talkin on rap… and Lil John, dmn you were right on that too.. that song is only good cuzz Ice Cube is banging it!!!

  17. this seems like a uneducated hiphop critique list to me. snopp and dre on this list?? probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard haha. kid rock is basically a country artist now( i guess he found his genre) and i have no idea why eminem isnt on this. you could have done so much better. you farted on music with this list. amen.

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