Have you just discovered the wonders of Glitch Hop and are wondering where you can go to get some quality Glitch pumping out of your speakers?

Well I’ve done the legwork for you – here are 5 of the top Glitch Hop producers out there.

5. Dewey dB

Glitchtastic track of choice: The Adventures of Albert the Giraffe

With his unique laid back Dubstep-Glitch hop, Dewey dB is more than a clever name! He combines the wubby dub with some the stuttery glitches to make some seriously head-noddable tunes.

Be sure to check out his collaboration with ill-esha “H.A.A.R.P.” too, it’s pretty sweet!


4. ill-esha

Glitchtastic track of choice: Cherry Blossoms

Occasionally verging on what sounds to me like a Bond Theme sound file that someone attacked with a pair of digital scissors, ill-esha certainly has an original style about her music.

She also sings over her tracks too. I love to see multi-talented musicians so that’s a bonus! (She can actually sing too – even better!)


3. Glitchy and Scratchy

Glitchtastic track of choice: Embeddit

Mosty aptly put by an awesome interview I found with the guys; “Like A Robot Having Sex With Mc Hammer”. Glitch Hop with the emphasis on the Hop. They definately bring the Hip Hop vibe, layering it with timestretched vocals, glitches and some awesome synths to complete their style.

Plenty of Glitching, but no scratching in any of the tracks I heard though, which is kinda false advertising :P


2. ill Gates (aka the Phat Conductor)

Glitchtastic track of choice: Collateral Damage

Ranging from tracks like Collateral Damage with brings a tipper-esque wobble to the table, to really danceable tracks, The Phat Conductor certainly has versatility! He sure loves his blips and clicks, you can hear them dotted around the beats of most of ill Gates’ tracks!

Have a listen through the tracks on his myspace and you’ll see what I mean, each track has a definate identity, it’s awesome. Once again, he’s an artist who seems to be making the jump from Dubstep to Glitch Hop. And Back. The combination of the genres is really powerful!


And the number 1 Glitch Hop artist…

1. The Glitch Mob

Glitchtastic track of choice: TVOTR – Red Dress Remix

Comprising 3 Glitch Hop DJs: EdIT, Boreta and Ooah, The Glitch Mob is right at the forefront of Glitch Hop. Pushing the boundaries and generally being more prolific than any other Glitch Hop producers on the scene.

The reason they are number one though is the quality of their productions. It really shows the effort they put in, the interesting intricacy of the music, the heavy beats and the sometimes gorgeous melodies. Definately the number one Glitch Hop artists.


Did I miss anyone out? Any cool tracks you think are important to Glitch Hop? Share them in a comment below!


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25 Responses to “Top 5 Glitch Hop Artists in the Universe”

  1. Tipper is a top choice in the glitch scene

  2. I love Tipper, but he’s a strange one, I have no idea what genre he is. The songs I’ve heard I wouldn’t really class a glitch – but maybe I’ve just heard the wrong songs! I’ll have to give him another listen (what a hardship!)

  3. [...] out http://www.glitchhopforum.com run by 2 of the artists in my Top 5 Glitch Hop Artists blog and expand the community!   You’ll find new music, tips on production and news on [...]

  4. “Tipper” top without a doubt and “Opiuo” in at a close second.

  5. also check out australia’s spoonbill and the mollusk. their new stuff is ripping!! its got funk flavours twisted with crazy sfx.

  6. HEY! HAARP is a live album by MUSE and collateral damage is a song by MUSE!! Copyright infringment!

  7. Dave, you are the man.

  8. pantyraid’s an awesome glitch hop artist, i love them!

  9. those are all great artists.But hello? Pretty Lights from Colorado anyone?He is currently the greatest glitch hop artist in the Universe.Your welcome.

  10. the crimson underground , guy has got some serious cross genre skills…


  11. pretty lights get real? ive got a kaoscillator too

  12. @midwestrepresent Pretty lights are awesome :D

    if you like glitchy dubstep breakbeat IDM have a listen to my podcast :D you never know u might like it..


  13. Wow, not even a mention of Scott Herren’s projects (the 1st Prefuse 73 album is probably the definitive record of the style)…or Telefon Tel Aviv?

  14. Kraddy – Android Porn !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Tipper is awesome yea! Why not have a look at ‘Freddy Todd, Slugabed, Splatinum, Deceptikon and Heyoka.. all awesome glitch givers, enjoy :)

  16. Hi guys, your list was quite humourous to me…
    Check out my glitch hoppin’ tunes. Google “glitchy glotch” i am new and better than any.

    Opiuo was my insperation now i am probly opiuos insperation. So check us out holmes. Reply for feedback yo.

  17. FlyLo’s like Whoa.

  18. glitchy glotch get real.heard your beatz not even in my top 100.listen again to the real deal producers and hear what your missing.

  19. Tipper is the Godfather.TipHop was the o.g. of this sound 7 years ago long before any of the artists on this list.though it has evolved big props to the the king of glitchy midtempo breaks.

  20. Ale fillman, Ale fillman, and uh oh yeah Ale fillman

  21. opiuo (!!!), spoonbill and the mollusk ! yeeeah aussie pride!
    also, tipper

  22. KOAN Sound anyone?? c’mon…

    also Culprate and Vaetxh (although the last one prefers glitchstep) are great. but Tipper definitely is to Glitch Hop what Goldie is to DnB.

  23. Tipper! THE END. check out his Bubble Control EP and Puzzle Dust EP, also “chrome splatt”. No one comes close he’s ahead of the game. Spoonbill’s last 3 releases are dope as well. Check out Electrocado!! Get their “Haas to be Hass” album free @ ektoplazm.com these guys are something else. My top 3 producers thus far i don’t like any other glitch either to repetitive, too plain, too dirty, or overall sounds that are unpleasant to the ear. Durp durp. You must also check out Phutureprimitive :D

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