Get ready to make some seriously sexy synth sounds over these superb samples!   All Alliteration aside, we all need quality kicks, snares, claps and hats in our electro house tracks.   So without further ado, I present…

The boyinaband free Electro House sample pack!

Check it out…

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Thanks to my homeslice Åge, I’ve made a tutorial explaining a bit about some of the awesome less commonly used oscillators and filters work in Thor!

With some futuristic techno as an example, score!

So it’s kind of a techno tutorial.   But not just for techno heads!   Watch it and see :P

Check it out here

It’s all about the Gangsta Funk this week on boyinaband, so here is the sample pack to help motivate your rims to spin extra fast!   So without further ado, I present…

The boyinaband free G Funk sample pack!

Check it out…

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Well, since it’s G-Funk week, it only makes sense to do something Hip Hop heads would find useful!   Enter a gangsta rap tutorial!   Though it could be a useful Drum and Bass tutorial or dubstep tutorial too – making a sub bassy bass patch with Reason 4!

Check it out, yo!

I challenge anyone to find a genre cooler than this.

It’s the genre that puts a gun to your head and forces you to nod it. The genre that is so heavy that it makes cars actually bounce up and down. The genre that rewards murder, drugs and misogyny more than any other.

This is G Funk. It’s time to ask some questions…

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Week 3 brings updates on the tutorial requests, 7 day song dubstep tutorial, some fun stats, the next blogs and some religious interference!

Be sure to head over to the youtube page and leave a comment (if you leave on on here *and* on there I’ll be more likely to do the tutorial you suggest!)


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