It’s all about the Gangsta Funk this week on boyinaband, so here is the sample pack to help motivate your rims to spin extra fast!   So without further ado, I present…

The boyinaband free G Funk sample pack!

Check it out…

This one contains 15 claps, 10 kicks and 5 hats and with some other samples you can get seriously creative!   Try layering the (already massive) claps with some DnB snares for a huge punchy backbone to your beat!

Download the sample pack here!

If you make anything sweet with it you should totally tell me!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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14 Responses to “Free Sample Pack – 40 Ass-kicking G Funk samples!”

  1. how do i open the sample packs with reason after I download them

  2. Man Im truly struggling for samples. I really need some synths as well. Im looking at all your tutorials though. I hope I find one that shows how to sample from albums. Anyways Good shit, keep kicking azz

  3. Iseen you video on you tube.
    i download your sample packs. \
    how do i open them with reason?

  4. If you dont have a windows then i dont think you’ll be able to open these files

  5. luv ur tutorials mon fricken sweet, and ur free samples r sweet too, but i cant seem to open them i´m useing mac. no shit r there hope fur mac user…..? mon i´m trying to make a dancehall beat but i jus can,t get it right PLEASE HELP…………… ! ok dave the GREAT! keep does rass sweet tutorials coming MON.

  6. Your tuts have helped me out more than anything but i was hoping you could do an all around video on creating G-Funk beats.. I saw one of ur other tuts and ur G funk beat was amazing.. I could use alot of help with that and would greatly appreciate it

  7. Hi, I Can´t download the sample pack, please help!.

  8. Hey man, Great fricken Tutorials, cant wait until you’ll show off record with reason five new Kong and Dr, OctoRex.:)
    Could you please make a video on how to convert your Sample packs into a refill which can be stored in the Reason folder for use rather than having to pick each sample individually ;)

  9. hi great sample packs and tutorials thanks …any chance of a reggaeton sample pack please?

  10. None of your download-links work with Mac (Safari 5.0)! How come?

  11. lol its pritty easy to download them(MAC):
    just go right click and download the file. after that, just change the ending suffix from *.RAR.TXT to *.RAR
    thats it !

  12. Dave we have a problem I dowload the GFUNK sample to window 7 but sounds does not transfer to my reasn4 softqware if there is a reason why or explain to me some more detail on what I maybe miss here.

    thanks Dev

  13. lol. thx for all the samples. but all these people who can’t open the files in reason really make me laugh <3. THANKS!

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