As with 99% of Electronic Music genres, there is a whole load of crap to wade through before you come to some serious gold at the end of the electro rainbow!

Fortunately, I’ve acted as a convenient leprechaun for you guys (this is quite a long winded metaphor, but I’m sticking with it…) and collated 10 of the greatest Electro House artists ever into one convenient list!

Check it out – the top 10 electro house acts around…

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Since the second most popular request after a dubstep tutorial was an electro lead synth, here it is!

Something to make Justice, Daft Punk and your friends jealous of how funky you be, yo!

Click here to for the electro tutorial on how to make a lead synth!

I have been dancing to this genre for years without realising it.

Only recently after starting to research it have I twigged – there are a lot of artists that use the same sexy sound on their club bangers. This genre can keep the people dancing without missing a beat, taking them from the funky to the robotic and everything in between.

Electro House is the sound of the late 2000 decade. It’s time to understand it. Let’s ask some questions…

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The second of my weekly updates informing you about what’s been happening and what will be happening with boyinaband!   Including the new tutorial, the upcoming blogs, a bit about the seven day song dubstep tutorial and some useful trivia about my home town!

Incidentally, I come across as kinda arrogant when I say the whole Lady Gaga Makeup tutorial thing, but I am in fact only jealous that I can’t pull off that look.

Be sure to head over to the youtube page and leave a comment (if you leave on on here *and* on there I’ll be more likely to do the tutorial you suggest!)

The first seven day song tutorial has come to an end!   Head over to day 7′s page to hear the final song, then jump on youtube to post your dubstep song as a video response!

Cheers for following along, guys!

Check it out here

The seven day song is almost at an end!   The second to last video uses some cool automation techniques to make a sweet bass drop into the chorus and suggests some ideas for fills.

Check it out here!


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