As with 99% of Electronic Music genres, there is a whole load of crap to wade through before you come to some serious gold at the end of the electro rainbow!

Fortunately, I’ve acted as a convenient leprechaun for you guys (this is quite a long winded metaphor, but I’m sticking with it…) and collated 10 of the greatest Electro House artists ever into one convenient list!

Check it out – the top 10 electro house acts around…

10. Axwell

Track of choice: Feel the Vibe (’til the morning comes) ft. Tara McDonald

Here’s an Electro House DJ who shows you can be minimalist and massive. With his summery sampled anthems, Axwell isn’t pushing any boundaries, but he’s certainly making you dance!

9. Mysto and Pizzi

Track of choice: Britney Spears Circus Electro House Remix

Some of the biggest Producers in the world whose video blogs on youtube have earned them international acclaim, Mysto & Pizzi prove that versatility is the order of the day, bouncing from hip hop and pop into this awesome electro house remix of Britney’s “Circus”.

8. Mason

Track of choice: Exceeder

Here’s a seriously talented guy. Mason’s production skills are only half of his talent as well – his ability to play the violin scored him a performance slot in freakin’ Tiesto’s live show. It’s actually awesome, you should check it out. Anyway – brilliantly dancey and curious-sounding electro house track here (It sounds to me like it’s asking a question, I don’t know how else to explain it!)

7. Deadmau5

Track of choice: Ghosts n’ Stuff

How funky do you want to be, Deadmau5?! This track is a great example of how the new and the old can work together, with the lush retro strings punctuating the high quality electro, this is a fantastic club song.

6. Benny Benassi

Track of choice: Satisfaction

Now we get to the seriously massive artists – Satisfaction is possibly the sexiest song ever written, with its portamento’d and filtered to hell lead synth and the music video you would least like your mother to walk in while you were watching ever made, Benny Benassi has perfected the art of making electronic music that sounds like it should have an 18 certificate.

5. David Guetta

Track of choice: Love don’t let me go

The anthem that propelled itself from an advert into international stardom, this brilliant mashup of Tocadisco’s remix of “Walking Away” is an example of how a song can be so powerful just because of how dancey and funky it sounds. A masterpiece.

4. Justice

Track of choice: Phantom pt. II

Bringing Electro House to the Alternative Indie crowd, these French guys know exactly what they’re doing with their almost proggy take on the genre. Massive dirty basslines, obscure, dark progressions and insanely catchy hooks all combine into one brilliantly blasphemous package. Nice one Justice!

3. Bodyrox

Track of choice: Yeah Yeah ft. Luciana

I freakin’ love this girl’s voice. That, combined with a sexy backing provided the first massive Electro House anthem that kicked it all off. Check out that lead synth… actually genius. It’s so lethargic, but over the beat it just comes across as seriously cool.

2. Fedde Le Grand

Track of choice: Put your hands up for Detroit

Christ on a bike, how stupidly catchy can one song be? With the offbeat, unexpected progression from the lead synths of ol’ Fedde, he never disappoints – every anthem is as sexy as the last one. You can’t help but sing along in the clubs or at home. A great song to beatbox too, by the by :D I love this city…

…and the best electro house artist is…

1. Daft Punk

Daft Punk were the first DJs I ever heard of. Apparently grabbing their name from a bad review of a punk band the pair were in before they turned to electronica, their more successful direction has affected millions of people worldwide. Once again proving that the French are brilliant when it comes to Dance music, they have made a cult following of people who thrive off their futuristic Electro House.

Their style is immaculate – from the anime characters in their storylined music videos (which is probably half the reason I enjoyed them when I was younger) to the robot helmets and computerised voices on their tracks, they feel like the future. These guys deserve wholehartedly the title of “Best Electro House artist”.

They are also the music behind a massive internet meme! If you haven’t already, check out Daft Hands:

Did I miss out anyone? Leave them in a comment below!


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34 Responses to “Top 10 Electro House Artists in Existence”

  1. Great list Dave!!! I was at number 2 and I was thinking…. it MUSTTT be Daft Punk. Glad they got the top spot! Thanks for these lists they always have a couple of artists I’ve never heard of. Great for new inspiration!!


  2. Haha glad the lists are helpful! I try to put together the greats with a few lesser known acts to broaden some horizons! :)

    Daft Punk are freakin’ legends. Love them to bits.

  3. Great list Dave! I’d say that 2 people that’ll most likely be on your 2010 list will be The Bloody Beetroots ( and Young Wiz ( Check em out!

  4. What about Danger? The french guy… with 11h30 and 14h52 and such…

  5. (edit) 14h54 …sorry

  6. I think deadmau5 should be much higher on the list, probably even #1. As great as Daft Punk is, I don’t know that I would consider them electro house… just my opinion though.

    You should add Wolfgang Gartner to your next list. He churns out some terrific tunes like no one’s business.

    Overall, good list. :)

  7. Good list, but since when are daft punk and benny benassi electro house? Electro has only been around for a few years, those songs are from 2001 and 2002. Neither share anything in common with the others other then the house drums.

  8. I agree daft punk preety much bought house back onto to the scene again, and justice are know bringing it back , for those who don’t know, the record label justice is on is “ed banger records” which is ran by the ex manager of daft punk , Pedro Winters. Another couple of artists I like in this genre are Mstrkrft and The Bloody Beetroots ,if you do a tutorial on getting their sounds that’l be epic as im new to reason !

  9. These songs WERE the crap that I waded through before getting to any gold in the electronic music genre, haha.

  10. Would you care to enlighten us with some real gold then? :)

  11. Im a HUGE Electronica and Electro-House Listener. I must say this list is nice. I have music from all these bands. I’ve always loved Bodyrox and I thought I was like the only one who knew about them until you mentioned them. I live in gay america and everything here is about stupid rap or rock, just whateva is mainstream. I cant stand it. I seriously haven’t met one person in america yet who listens to Electronica or Electro-house or Dance or Dubstep or anything, (except for when I went to The Prodigy Concert in Chicago) Its always fuckin’ LIL WAYNE and stupid crap like that. Fuck it makes me mad just thinking about it. Wow I wrote too much about that. Anyway, this is a fair list. Im not a huge fan of Daft Punk though, I like a few of their songs. I love Electro-House and I have a couple hundred Electro-House tunes but Electronica will always be my favorite.

    My Deviant Art site


  12. I feel really bad for the guy who said he lives in America… and doesnt know anyone who listens to edm… like really? You must not know enough people, or never been to a rave… But good list… =]… Added to mah library a bit.


  14. Bloody Beetroots?

  15. Deadmau5 should definatly be number 1, followed by wolfgang gartner and some of those people arent even electro house

  16. Honestly…. I Dig Daft and Justice very much so, but I know there’s gotta’ be some better “Electro-House” representatives. I looked up a list of such for a display of Original heavies in the electro-house genre. Seeing Daft as #1 only made my search even more painstaking. I love them, but come on’ maaan!…. I need the guys/gals whom they were inspired from. Justice is relatively new…. and I just listened to Deadmau5 (due to recommendation from “Scott”) and I just fell in love with this song. I have yet to judge their body of work. But, honestly…. Let’s proceed beyond Daft-Punk. I understand “H-B-F-S” is a FUCKING AWESOME SONG, but give me the influence that made them create that type ol’ shit. OH YEA…. to the guy whom said America doesn’t Electro.


    I Live in Chicago where we LOVE Electro, House, Juke, etc. All as individual entities and as a collaborative.

  17. Oh yea “The-Skreach” me at Facebook punks…. I need some informative references to this house ish’…. I’m the Black guy lol

  18. Daft Punk – One More Time I think is my ultimate dance track. Always get the same uplifting vibe every time I hear or play that record.

    Just found a great remix from Sebastian Ingrosso, check it out on youtube!

  19. Yo , i have to say the guys yuo mentioned are very well known and very commercial electrohouse.

    although how you could ever compare justice and misto and pizzi is ridiclous , misto belong around numer 10000 if justice r in top 10.

    these are the most mainstream of electrhouse try some of

    wolfgang gartner
    cold blank
    dada life (where the fuck r they ) /????

    ther the real gods of electrohouse

  20. boys noize, kill the noise, ac slater, to name but a few, man u gotta find ur own style, looks like you been watchin too much tv,

    btw check out my tunes

  21. plz. Most of these artists that you guys mention have only a few good songs. They are just either awesome deejays or producers. I love wolfgang gartner, dada life, skrillex etc but Noone has as many agreeably good songs as daft punk and deadmau5. So, in a way mainstream is god u nonconformists.

  22. Skrillex ,Kill the noise,deadmau5,wolfgang gartner,jack beats,Boys noize
    (Daft punk is house music not electro house)
    (I keep hearing that benny bennassi is some kind of hipnotica or something)
    (the bloody beetroots might be a little to hardcore to be clasified in the electro house genre)no offense i love their music
    ooh is Felguk Electro-House to?
    Ive herd some Dada life and Diplo they should be in the next list

  23. check out Electro house collection

  24. Yes, Felguk is electro house. And some dope music at that!

  25. benny benassi must be first on this list he is the father of electro !

  26. Mord fustang, Hypster, Darth and vader, lazy rich, porter robinson, Feed me, Freefire

  27. good list apart from 2 and 6 but justice and daft punk are the best in the game and allways will be

  28. I agree with Otis but I feel hood music is just as good . Check them out

  29. This list blows haha…heres some real electro artists to look up….
    Lazy rich, Porter Robinson, Wolfgang Gartner, Lucky Date, Zedd,
    Felguk, Dada Life, Mord Fustang, DallasK, Felix Cartal, Mustard Pimp, Darth & Vador, Hirshee, DrivePilot, Far To Loud, Cold Blank, Spencer & Hill, Alex Kidd…Now thats real electro

  30. most that shit sucks and aint even electro house
    the guy above me knows what hes talking about though ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  31. hey skr3ach, you want daft punks influences? listen to their track “teachers.” some of them not exactly in the electronic music scene, eg, Brian Wilson, but still interesting.

  32. Orbital

  33. Great list, but Swedish HOUSE Mafia should definitely be on there too

  34. I like how people are leaving comments in 2012 about a list compiled in 2009

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