I’ve had loads of people asking me how to open the sample packs I’ve made and how to put them into Reason, so I figured I’d make a tutorial!

I’ve actually made two – one for how to open the sample packs and one for how to import them into Reason.

Check them out! :D

Here at BoyinaBand it’s not all about making music – sometimes it’s about expressing how you feel about it.

People express their opinion in different forms. I’d say about 90% in the form of insulting YouTube comments, but a more creative expression is in the form of dance.

It’s always fascinated me to see what styles of dance people have created to go with which styles of music – so here’s the top 10 dance styles ever for electronic music along with their respective genres and some sweet videos to show off the best they have to offer…

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I recently downloaded Record from Propellerhead for a trial to see if it was as amazing as all they hype makes it out to be.

I mean – Line6 Pod integration, Reason integration, pretty much ridiculously amazing timestretching… it sounds like it’s got it all, but in practice, what is there that it doesn’t do?   What stops it from being the next big thing?

There’s a few things, actually.   Let’s see what’s missing…
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Hey guys!

The 7 Day Song ended the day before my birthday, so I now have a day of celebration for both the Drum and Bass Tutorial and my day of birth – score!

I’ll be taking a rest today, but I’ll be back tomorrow!

If you feel like giving me a present, just go to a forum you post on or something and post a link to my site :)    That’ll help more people find boyinaband!

Take it easy guys, I’m off to play some video games and eat some cake!

- Dave

In the last Reason 4 tutorial on Drum and Bass I’ll show you how to Mix and Master a Drum and Bass song, then show you the finished 7 day song!

Complete with funky mouse dance.

Remember to post your tracks as video responses on Youtube!

Check out The last day of the 7 Day song Drum and Bass Tutorial here.

Some useful synths and tips on using FX to make your track snazzier in this one – now get ready to post your video response tomorrow!

I can’t wait to see what you’ve all created!

Watch Day 6 of the 7 Day song Drum and Bass Tutorial here!


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