I’ve had loads of people asking me how to open the sample packs I’ve made and how to put them into Reason, so I figured I’d make a tutorial!

I’ve actually made two – one for how to open the sample packs and one for how to import them into Reason.

Check them out! :D


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12 Responses to “How to open a boyinaband sample pack and put it into Reason”

  1. Just wanted to tell, that when you press “how to open the sample packs ” a message says “Not Found” comes up.

    Keep rockin’!

  2. Spotted there Joshua! I’ve fixed the link now :)

  3. [...] NOTE: If you don’t know how to open the samples, click here for tutorials on how to do so! [...]

  4. Do these sample pack downloads work for Mac computers?

  5. Is the programing for Mac?

  6. I can not open the files, your tutorial doesn’t seem to work for mac computers..

  7. Yeh sure it works for mac. The program that you use to open the rar archive isn’t under the same name. You can’t use winrar because it’s a microsoft utility so instead see if you can find a program called the unarchiver. The sounds are WAV so you can definitely run them. At least I can, and I have a MacBook Pro and am running Leopard.

  8. alright i downloaded your free dubstep sample pack and i cant get them to work in reason.
    any ideas how to sort it?

  9. I was able to download the samples but i cant seem to import them into garageband b/c they are WAV files and all the sounds are CAF in garageband.. is there a way to convert WAV to CAF?

  10. thanks dude, great samples and awesome tutorials

  11. Do the sample packs only work in reason or can they work in GarageBand etc.?

  12. Thank T-Dub! Unarchiver is super easy to find and use. Got these sample packs working already! Awesome website by the way.

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