Alrighty, I’ve made a nice plucked lead for the verse and a pretty concise explanation of how and why conventional Drum and Bass songs are arranged in today’s video!

Check it out here!

Okay, another two parter thanks to youtube’s restrictions – this time I’ll explain how to make some sweet pads for the chilled part of this DnB track!

Check it out here!

Hey guys!

Day 3 dawns and brings you the snazzerriffic lead synth to go atop our already awesome DnB loop!

Get your learn on here!

I hope all you reason 4 heads are watching!   Day 2 of the Drum and Bass 7 Day Song tutorial is now online with explanations for making a powerful sub bass and a cool Reese Bass!

I even explain what a Reese Bass is.

I’ll stop saying “Reese Bass” now.

But I’ll start again when you watch this video! :D

Hey guys!

I’ve been busy last week cooking up a sweet D&B tracks so I can show you how to make Drum and Bass with the new 7 Day Song tutorial!

I had to make day 1 a two parter since there was so much to say about the beat!

Check out the first tutorial for how to make a powerful, crisp Drum and Bass Beat here!

Hey guys!

Apologies for being late with the video update and 7DS, but I’ve got some university referral work to do (Making an online multiplayer game… that part was fun, the 3000 word accompanying essay slightly less so.) so I can finally get my honours degree and forget the last 4 years ever happened.

I’ve started on the actual song though, and the drums are crisper than a packet of walkers (I’m sure I’ve used that one before, but it deserves re-iterating).   Can’t wait to get it out for you guys!

So just a quick one to say I haven’t forgotten about you, and if all goes to play I should be able to start releasing the DnB 7 Day Song on Monday 17th!

UNTIL THEN: Why not post in a comment some Drum and Bass songs you like?   I’ll give them a listen before I finish making the songs and see if I can get any inspiration!   I don’t know that much chilled DnB and loads of you asked for that! :)

Take it easy guys!


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