Here at BoyinaBand it’s not all about making music – sometimes it’s about expressing how you feel about it.

People express their opinion in different forms. I’d say about 90% in the form of insulting YouTube comments, but a more creative expression is in the form of dance.

It’s always fascinated me to see what styles of dance people have created to go with which styles of music – so here’s the top 10 dance styles ever for electronic music along with their respective genres and some sweet videos to show off the best they have to offer…

10. Techno Dance

Associated Genre: Uh… Techno.

A regimented style for a regimented genre – lots of leg movement and some cheeky hand movements build up this genre… however, it still looks kinda like Disco.

9. Tecktonik

Associated Genre: Electro House

All about the hand movements here – a French-originated genre, where dancers such as internet-famous “Treaxy” show their moves to artists such as Yelle.

There’s really no getting away from how gay it looks with all the hip movements, but there are some pretty cool arm movements in this style!

8. Finger breakdancing

Associated Genre: …silence?

Just had to include this, freakin’ awesome idea. Takes on Daft Hands for imaginative use of hands to music on youtube. Needs some decent music methinks!

7. X-outing/DnB Step

Associated Genre: Drum and Bass

All about the leg movement – there are some amazing switches in this which I cannot understand how the dancers don’t trip over. An endurance style for an intense genre. Incidentally – what a freakin’ awesome drop in the track on the video!

6. Hip Hop Dance

Associated Genre: Hip Hop

Cool, exaggerated movements that make you reminisce back to the days of boybands and girl groups trying to cash in on the popularity of hip hop culture bring this genre home. Really cool to look at and some sweet choreography makes this a versatile genre.

5. Popping/Locking

Associated Genre: Hip Hop

The skill it takes to stop dead like that is amazing – it makes me think of drumming in that you must have to separate control of your limbs completely to be able to pull off those moves. So cool to watch.

4. Melbourne Shuffle

Associated Genre: Hardstyle

An ace genre that is all about stomping. Think x-outing but more violent movements and baggy rave trousers. Another endurance genre that seems to move the dancer around without them actually moving, akin to moonwalking. Perhaps that’s where the famous young dancer “moonboy” got his name?

3. C-walk

Associated Genre: G Funk

The coolest, street-est, real-est dance style dey iiiiis! Some ace leg movements that make Soulja Boy wish he could actually dance. Baggy clothes are a must, as are large caps apparently. Ice Cube is a C-Walker too – check out his moves:

He’s a straight G.

2. B-Boying/Breakdancing

Associated Genre: Hip Hop

Arguably the most physically intense dance style electronic music has seen. The whole body is used and pushed to its limits, upside down and right way up. This is the style when you start to wonder if these people are actually human. Christ on a bike. This style is beaten only by…

1. Rave Dance

Associated Genre: Techno

The greatest dance moves of all time. Not only because of the names. Stylish clothing along with looking cooler than The Fonz’s jewellery (ice… geddit? No? Well It’s… oh, you did get it? Funny Huh? No?) adds up to the undisputed champion of electronic music dance styles.

Any styles I left out? Disagree with the order? Share your opinions in a comment below!


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8 Responses to “Top 10 Dancing Styles to Electronic Music in the Universe”

  1. Dude, you may have (intentionally XD) left out industrial dancing! I have no idea if I can embed a youtube video into a comment, but here’s a link to a pretty good video of some industrial dancing.

    It should be included somewhere here for the eccentricity if nothing else. =P

  2. Hah, that’s an ace video! It was unintentionally, I guess I forgot to search for “gas mask popping and locking” during my research :P It’s sweet though, really fits the genre.

    I just had a weird mental image of a club full of people doing that – surreal.

  3. Don’t forget the classic Liquid dancing :P

  4. Oh yeah, don’t forget Jumpstyle. Take that shuffle.

  5. I love industrial music. I’m starting to learn to use Reason now, hopefully with that kind of thing in mind.

  6. Bahahaha never knew doing the laundry was soo good! Definately deserves number 1 hahah

  7. hahahaha, good stuff… but what about that dubstep sway that you see those hippy girls do?? i just notice at festivals whenever any heavy dubstep starts playing, the dancing becomes this slow and wobbly swagger stuff….

  8. Skanking! to dubstep!

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