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So you may be asking yourself, what on earth is Goa and Psytrance? Well, to accuractly tell you, I need to give you a short history lesson.

Map of GoaBack in the 1980s, in none other than Goa, India, there was a surge of soldiers which wanted to take a nice vacation, however, what they found was an emmerging hippie culture, centered around driving beats and psychadelic sounds. Kind of how America had their 60s counter culture, Goa began to hold massive parties centred around this “goa” sound. As the sound began to mature, it started to take on the sound you hear today, but because much of the early music were on DAT tapes, much of the earliest music is lost forever.

So fast forward a decade or so and the goa sound begins to leave India into neighboring countries such as Israel, and other places such as the Netherlands. A lot of people eventually started calling the sound, psytrance, as it wasn’t coming from goa anymore, and needed a global term. Names aside, this is some of the best psychadelic music you can get your ears on. Pounding 4/4 beats, soul crushing basslines, mind alterning synths, bringing it all together to give a really wild ride.

The following is just a short collection of 15 artists worth checking out. By no means are these the “best”, as everyone has their own tastes, but this should give you a great start if you plan to learn more about goa/psytrance.

15. Artifakt

I chose Artifakt because they offer up a very rich, forest sounding psytrance. Here is their track “The Magus”

14. Tristan

Tristan made his mark on the scene with his amazing album “Audiodrome”. This album had tons of great samples, while holding an older sound, but also delivering on cutting edge psychedelia.

13. Eat Static

Eat Static has been around a really, really long time. I couldn’t help but mention them…

12. Electric Universe

I really love Electric Universe. I think it’s because they use a lot of 303 synths (actually that’s the main reason) but a lot of their songs are just sooo good.

11. X-Dream

Legends in the genre. X-Dream has basically helped shape the entire sound of Psytrance in my opinion.

10. CPC

CPC is amazingly dark. Yes, there are different subgenres of goa/psy. If you don’t want to get technical, don’t worry, because it’s all awesome:

9. Trilithon

Take a spacesynth (awesome genre, check it out) artist, and then make the transition to goa. This stuff is so old that it’s hard to pinpoint the influence.

8. Dark Soho

Ah, Dark Soho. So. Good. AHH! Their sound is so heavy, crunchy, warm, and cold. You need to hear this…

7. Talamasca

Talamasca, imo, is starting to get a bit meh, however, some of their earlier works were a real treat, such as their album “Zodiac”. They do a lot of buttrock goa.

6. The Delta

The Delta is just wicked. It feels like you’re getting attacked and hugged at the same time (weird, I know)

5. Chi-A.D

Uh oh, we’re in the top 5. Chi-AD definitely takes it for me. Melodic, sweeping basslines and synths.

4. Infected Mushroom

I have mixed emotion about Infected Mushroom, but I won’t go into it. Anyway, their first album was absolutely amazing.

3. Doof

Doof is the man! His two albums are true albums that define the genre.

2. Astral Projection

How could you have a list without Astral Projection yeh? There’s too much from them not to warrant a video, but I’m going with this one for you:

1. Hallucinogen

Last but not least. Who’d you expect? Simon of course. Hallucinogen. Ugh. Just saying the name brings back great memories of festivals past. You’ve probably heard this already somewhere, but it’s always amazing:

So there we have it. 15 videos from 15 great artists.

As I said before, this is by no means the “best” of the best. I just wanted to give you a little taste in this beautiful genre of music. Now go out there and listen!

You can find more information at sites such as:


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16 Responses to “15 Goa/Psytrance Artists You Should Hear”

  1. Goa is just a great genre of music. I would place Filteria and Nemesis also in this list.

  2. Filteria and Nemesis are great, yes yes :)

    I’m also a big fan of Mystica.

    Also, for anyone that would like a great collection of goa tracks, the compilation seres DESTINATION GOA is really something else. There are, I believe, 11 of these compilation albums. They’ve been made since the early days so you have old school goa artists, then it transitions up to the recent ones.

  3. Oh yay psytrance <3

    This rekindled my want to make an epic psytrance set for people that want ELECTRO

  4. I like the list, especially the mention of the Zodiac album by Talamasca (Cancer is sooo great) but I would definitely have to protest that Astrix and 1200 Mics and Dali weren’t on there!

  5. psytrance is the best. You should totally make a psytrance tutorial man!!!!
    that would be awesome!!

  6. Im a bit shpongled by this list, I’ll have to check out some of these guys

  7. psy is cool…

    another good adress: -> free psy mp3s

  8. Why no love for CPU or Eskimo?

  9. rightly said, Goa is not a place..its a state of the mind.
    The list is fantastic.. i would love to see GMS, Khopat and a more melodic and soulful Highlight tribe in the list as well…
    Also i was in Goa in Dec 2010.. a special mention of the entire Parvati Records clan is a must.. These guys were sending it across..!!!

  10. Last link not working – missing h in http


  11. What about Progessive Psy Top-Notch Tracks:

    Day Din – Synch Yourself

    Neelix – You’re Under Control

    Vaishiyas – Touch Down

    Audiomatic – Windows of our soul (Krama RMX)

    Midimal – How the mind works

    Boom :D

  12. well i like slow trips too!

    Though i m a fan of Progressive Metal.
    you helped me to taste the legacy of Psy.!


  13. Infected Mushrooms? really? list is missing some good old Eskimo GMS 1200 and yes Simon is the best!

  14. Goa Gil

  15. LOL this list. Not that it’s bad, but it could include Azax Syndrom, Bliss, Painkiller, and Khopat.

    Infected Mushroom has been with the genre for a very long time, and both guys are still going at it thankfully. They had many influences to the genre, and that is undeniable.

    Khopat has a good mix of Goa and Psytrance in both songs below:

  16. that’s a rather bad list..i guess the author is not really into psytrance and has only done a quick beatport search?

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