If Chiptune is your thing, then look no further – some of the blippiest, lo-fi-iest, white-noise-iest samples for your chiptune music absolutely free in…

The boyinaband free Chiptune sample pack!

Check it out…

This one contains 33 8 bit-tastic samples including kicks, snares, fx and hats ideal for some old school lo-fi productions!   Why not try combining it with some Glitch Hop samples for even quirkier music?

NOTE: If you don’t know how to open the samples or put them into Reason, click here for a video tutorial!

Download the sample pack here!

If you make anything sweet with it you should totally tell me!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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10 Responses to “Free Sample Pack – 33 Chiptune samples!”

  1. The sample packs never load, i just get a page full of script! It is the same for every link.

  2. i love this yo

  3. @iiirdpower
    THis is probably because you are not expanding the files. You need to download a small program called winRAR which allows you to export the files onto your computer these.WAV files should play on your computer. So basicly download winRAR, then when you click the download button here, it should give you the option to open or save the winRAR file. just choose to open it. It will download and then winRAR will pop up and you just need to select the files and press at the top “export to”, then choose a folder to put it in and hey presto!

  4. Thanks Dave! Awesome stuff, can’t wait to try em in Reason 5 :)

  5. -]. Thanks a lot Dave, it’s given me a big help on my project .[-

  6. Industrial Sample Pack Plzzz

  7. As a Chiptune producer (Well i make chiptunes with a gameboy so i think that makes me one :p) well anyways

    To be honest the sample aren’t that Chiptuney :/

  8. scripts …. no dls

  9. Thanks man for taking the effort of putting this stuff together, subbed to your blog for that !

    keep on rockin,

  10. Hi I cant download the free stuff..nothing happens if i click on them. Ho do i do it.Tjanx

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