Alrighty, so we have the sexy low end sorted (careful on the innuendo) – it’s time to get to grips with the top end! (steady!)

Day 4 will incorporate some filter envelope useage, scream 4, EQing and compression to make our sexy synth!

Click here to go to Day 4 of the 7 Day Song Electro House Tutorial!

Alrighty! It’s time to turn the bog-standard beat into something a bit more interesting with some sweet samples!

This one teaches about parameter automation, using NN-XT, A bit about making beats more disjointed and interesting and a sweet blip synth effect – including a quick ReGroove Mixer Tutorial!

Click here to go to Day 3 of the 7 Day Song Electro House tutorial!

Alrighty!   Day 2 rolls around and brings with it a sexy electro bass patch to put on top of your hard-hitting beat!

This one uses Scream 4 to good effect, with the feedback mode (some mental sounds can be made with that!)

Check out Day 2 of the Electro House Tutorial here!

I’ve been quiet on the posting front these past few days for a reason…

I’ve actually written two new tracks. One is the Electro House 7 Day song and the other is of another genre which I’ll leave for a future 7 day song (Place your bets! :P )

Day 1 is another 2 parter, like the 7 Day Song Drum and Bass Tutorial due to me wanting to explain why things work (instead of just how to make them work) and youtube not liking videos over 10 minutes from me. In this one I’ll teach you to make a powerful Electro House beat with EQ, Tape Compression and some other useful techniques!

So! Without further ado: Check out Day 1 of the 7 Day Song Electro House Tutorial

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So you may be asking yourself, what on earth is Goa and Psytrance? Well, to accuractly tell you, I need to give you a short history lesson.

Map of GoaBack in the 1980s, in none other than Goa, India, there was a surge of soldiers which wanted to take a nice vacation, however, what they found was an emmerging hippie culture, centered around driving beats and psychadelic sounds. Kind of how America had their 60s counter culture, Goa began to hold massive parties centred around this “goa” sound. As the sound began to mature, it started to take on the sound you hear today, but because much of the early music were on DAT tapes, much of the earliest music is lost forever.

So fast forward a decade or so and the goa sound begins to leave India into neighboring countries such as Israel, and other places such as the Netherlands. A lot of people eventually started calling the sound, psytrance, as it wasn’t coming from goa anymore, and needed a global term. Names aside, this is some of the best psychadelic music you can get your ears on. Pounding 4/4 beats, soul crushing basslines, mind alterning synths, bringing it all together to give a really wild ride.

The following is just a short collection of 15 artists worth checking out. By no means are these the “best”, as everyone has their own tastes, but this should give you a great start if you plan to learn more about goa/psytrance.

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Have you just started getting into Chiptune and aren’t quite sure where to begin finding top quality music? Well with some assistance from graphicsgirl, I’ve put together 20 of the biggest and best musicians in the scene for you to explore!

Here are’s top 20 chiptune artists to check out if you are new to the scene…

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