If quality Trance samples are what you crave, then look no further – a collection of some seriously driving, punchy, filling percussion for your Trance music absolutely free in…

The boyinaband free Trance sample pack!

Check it out…

This one contains 37 pumping samples including hard hitting kicks, punchy snares, filling claps and some sweet hats ideal for some intense Trance productions! Why not try combining it with some Electro House samples for even more intense music?

NOTE: If you don’t know how to open the samples or put them into Reason, click here for a video tutorial!

Download the sample pack here!

If you make anything sweet with it you should totally tell me!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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18 Responses to “Boyinaband Sample Pack: 37 Free Trance Samples!”

  1. Thanks. I always enjoy your samples :D

  2. Sweet! I’ve been wanting some decent trance samples. Thanks again Dave!

  3. Hey thanx for the 7 day trance tutorial. I’m tryin to download the sample packs though, but cant. Is it because i have a mac?

  4. Hi Dave, great tutorials & samples amigo . .
    Could you do a tutorial on Gabber kickdrum distortion (for example Angerfist, Tommyknockers, Neophyte etc)
    Its something that I’ve wanted to know for years….so much so I stopped trying to produce Gabber and switched to something else all together.

    Thanks for the consideration

  5. Hey Dave!
    In your videos, when you load your Sample packs how do you load them in all at once like you do in your videos?
    I always try to follow your tutorials step by step, even by using the same drum patches you use in the drum beats.
    However, im doing this purely by ear, as the resolution is not good enough on YouTube to see the names of the Patches, and the area they are written in is not big enough anyway.
    Maybe a list in the Description of what Drum patches you use in which channel would be cool?


  6. Hey Dave..
    Great tutorials, really getting my head around reason now, cheers..
    Do u think you could maybe do a tutorial on balearic trance, something like sunounger,roger shah??
    Would be really great..

  7. Himan im watching your tutorial (great by the way) and i stop to download this pack but yeah how tom said it would be easier if you add a list of description of the drumpatches that u are useing, than doing it by ear. >.<
    Cheers again From MEXICO.

  8. Doug:

    “Hey thanx for the 7 day trance tutorial. I’m tryin to download the sample packs though, but cant. Is it because i have a mac?”

    .rar files require a program that can “unpack” them, since they are a compressed file format. For Mac users try a program called UnRarX at “http://www.unrarx.com/”.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Doug:

    I just re-read your post lol. If directly clicking on the link does not work, try right clicking (ctrl click if you’re using a Mac mouse) the link and select “save link as”, that should do the trick :)


  10. Lol… oh my, yet another addition :P

    If pressing the Control (key) + click doesn’t work, try Command (key) + click…
    I don’t have a Mac in front of me atm lol.



  11. I think that this sample is broken :S

  12. Hi Dave
    I’m following along with the 7 day trance tutorial and right after you de-select the pattern enable button on the redrum so you can play your pattern back in the reason sequencer, I can’t hear anything playing back.
    The notes are there and you can see the little green LED’s in the note lanes dancing to the beat but there’s no sound…I’m sure it’s something really minor and stupid but, can’t for the life of me figure it out…
    Please help.

  13. He man really great, I can’t wait for the psytrance tutorial who is ahead. Greetingz from the Netherlands.

  14. You said anything about packs… if you want some packs… Well… maybe you have some good hardcore packs, like angerfist kicks. If you have ‘em, please mail me! kevin_neut@live.nl <<<< my e-mail

  15. is there any samples for mac. i tried to dl your samples and it don’t work with my back.. u downloaded winrar for mac and tried everything u did on the vid and still now go.. Thank You

  16. The link is no working it keeps sending me to a text page when I download the sample

  17. thanks a lot for helping how to use reason 4. your tutorials are very good. Best regards from Germany. Please go on never stopping your lessons. Take care

  18. these packs are sick and everything but… could you make a sample pack dedicated to sweeps? house sweeps and stuff cos i really need to boost my filling/mastering

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