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This is a weird and wonderful world we live in.

These days, people will call anything music, and other people will rip them off, up the tempo and call that different music.

It’s hard to keep track of the massive variety of genres out there – so here’s a quick refresher course to get you up to date.

10 of the most obscure electronic music genres out there…

1. Baile Funk

Also known as “Funk carioca” – this is a bouncy, hip-hoppy genre that grew out of Rio de Janeiro – lots of repetition and generally has an emcee saying something (in)appropriately sex-oriented and misogynistic over the top.   Lots of sampled trumpets and bongos going on.   You can’t help but dance.

2. Drone Music

Sounds exciting, right?   For those of you that think ambient is too up-beat, have a listen to drone music.   Imagine playing an epic pad on your new synth – that’s pretty much a drone music song.

3. Terrorcore

Slightly different to Drone Music, Terrorcore is pretty much the most violent Techno you can imagine, with Tempos between 180 and 350 bpm.   This is less melodic than Gabber, another headache-inducing genre, so be sure to bring your earplugs if you go to see a terrorcore DJ.

4. Hi- NRG

Quite an old (1980s) electronic music genre, Hi-NRG is faster disco music, with staccato synth sounds and octave basslines.   Seriously Funky.

5. Jtek

Well, they have JRock and JPop, the Japanese had to make their own take on Techno as well!   With high pitched anime-esque samples interspersing high-speed techno, this happy and intense genre sits nicely among its home country’s catalogue of musical styles.

6. Cybergrind

Ouch – have you ever accidentally put a distorted percussion sample on a really small loop and heard it clipping at high speed?   You’re close to what cybergrind is all about.   This is one of those genres where the definition of music is pushed to its limits.

7. Chiptune

Dance music made on game boys.   8 bit sounds combined with soaring, blippy melodies and massively bit-crushed drums in its most authentic form, with people circuit-bending their SNES and Game boys to see just what they can do.   This is a wide spanning genre, with sub genres such as chip-hop taking it into the next generation of 8 bit music!

8. Liquid

Shortened from “Liquid Funk” or “Liquid Drum and Bass”, this is a melodic, ambient take on Drum and Bass, with a heavy jazz/funk influence.   Less intense than its daddy Drum and Bass, but it’s kept the pace up nicely.

9. Broken Beat

A clever name for a clever genre – another DnB subgenre, but this one is staggered beats with silence between them, along with some interesting melodies.   Generally considered DnB for musically sophisticated people (Along with “Intelligent DnB” – another subgenre).

10. Nitzhonot

A crossover between Goa and uplifting trance, this is one of the most epic styles of trance music about.   Generally made overseas in Israel and around the Middle East, this is heroic, intense and less oriental sounding than Goa.


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5 Responses to “Top 10 Electronic Music Genres you probably haven’t heard of.”

  1. Nice!

    If you want to check out a prime example of Drone, take a listen to Sun O)))

    Another relatively new subgenre that popped up recently has been Fidget House. This was actually a joke style of music but some people ran with it.

    Also, if you want a good laugh, check out Donk. It’s a northern UK thing. It’s slightly ravey but has heavy emphasis on the ‘Donk’.

    My favorite subgenre of DnB has to Neurofunk. Nice dark basslines without the mad snare rushes.

  2. Oh yeah, don’t forget all the ‘cores’.


    Psy has been getting a bit crazy lately.

    Forest Psy

    Then there seems to be a revive of straight Tech Trance.

  3. Hey any chance of a liquid funk tutorial here as it is a very popular genre of drum n bass and it would be good to go with the drum n bass tutorial already here perhaps one for the future?

  4. i did a baile funk- fidget electro house remix a while back. (june09)
    not my best work, but many ppl were diggin it.

    …. i passed out copies in Rio and Sao Paulo


  5. I was going to mention Donk too!

    Also remember that JTek is also the new revamped name for Jungle Tekno, which has made a bit of a come back with the original artists (Like Ratty and Tango) making tunes again.

    Oooh and how could I forget Skwee…

    Gottal love those Scandos

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