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Hi!   I’m Dave from

I’ve just about from history’s worst cold – I lost my voice so I was unable to make any tutorials without sounding even more weird than usual.

I’ve had a load of time resting recently and have come up with a bunch of ideas, I thought I’d share them with you and ask for your input on a few things.

Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who’s entered the hip hop composition competition so far – if you haven’t already, there’s still time yet to enter.   To those who are making tracks, make sure you put in that percussive breakdown into the track.

This year has been massive for me, since the Dubstep 7 day song in July, things have really picked up – I’ve gone from about 450 to 2100 subscribers, and I’ve got over half a million total views now.

Working with has been great, I’ve been doing written blogs on their site and there might be some more stuff with them in the pipeline that you guys could find seriously useful!

Next, I’m intending to go all-out with boyinaband next year – new website, new video content and, don’t worry – more tutorials!

So let’s go through those things -


The website will be better laid out, have some sweet new content and hopefully look prettier too!   Though I guess that’ll depend on your point of view.

Some of my ideas are:

- Slightly wider overall site so widescreen videos can be embedded
- A Sample Packs section (people have been having trouble finding them!)
- Larger right hand sidebar so things aren’t as squashed
- New “About” section, “Services” section and “Music” section.
- Nicer navigation menu bar with dropdowns from each item when appropriate
- New logo!

If you have any suggestions for the website, either leave them as a comment, or post them on the forum.


I want to start doing some more varied videos on the channel – things like
- Reviewing synths and production equipment,
- Original content
- Songs (Then you can request synths from those songs as tutorials)
- Live MPC performances
- Documentaries (The evolution of certain genres of music)
- Interviews with producers
- More competitions
- Viewer Questions (Where I answer any questions you might have)
- Monthly Vlog updates – kinda like this one, where I explain my plans for the month, how the previous month has gone and I also want to promote any cool musicians that have signed up to the forum.

If you have any ideas for content, again – comment below or post on the forum.

Lastly, tutorial-wise I’m hoping to keep doing a 7 day song each month, but start doing tutorials on other things too, like
- Tutorials on hardware as well as software
- A Beginners guide to Reason
- Music Theory
- Promoting your music

and things like that.   I like the whole 7 day format, so I might try to keep each as a weekly series.   Do you guys like the weekly thing or do you think individual tutorials are better?

Featured Artist

So, as I said, I want to start promoting other people’s music too – I’ve been getting into Liquid DnB lately.   If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a chilled, laid back version of Drum and Bass.

So this month’s featured artist is Protocell - A producer all the way from Northern Ireland.    He signed up to the forum and shared his awesome laid back and dark tracks, mostly DnB but also some forays into Glitch hop and Ambient stuff.

If you feel the need to chill out this christmas, head over to his youtube channel and take a listen.   I think my track of choice is his collaboration with a producer called Choke, called “Endless” – has a really chilled feel and the bass is seriously dark when it hits.

So yeah, go check him out!

I think that’s it from me until next year – so keep producing, hope you have an awesome christmas and I’ll be back with tons of new stuff in the new year!   And again – don’t forget to enter the hip hop composition competition for your chance to win some amazing samples from!


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2 Responses to “Boyinaband Update: December 09”

  1. The new additions to your website you mention in this video sound great! For what it’s worth, I like the “7 Day…” style. Splitting up larger tutorials in this manner make them easier to follow/not get discouraged by. Keep up the great work!

  2. Look forward to it all Dave, your site and tutorials are quality.

    Hope too see some more of the 7 day songs, they’re so original and fresh, I’m really enjoying doing them, keep up the great work.

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