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20 Responses to “Hip Hop Composition Competition Results!”

  1. Make the next one on DnB… ;D

  2. arrghh!
    I wish I would have known of this contest and the prizes beforehand! I surely would have entered.
    Props to you and Prime loops for doing this!


    …haha.. thanks fo the shout out son – hadda great time wit this PJ – lookin forward to da next one!

    Kudos on building the community.


    (I guess I can give up my ebonics now that the comps over)

  4. Never give up the ebonics, my… uh… homeslizze!

    Dnb sounds like fun :D What does everyone else want?

  5. dnb sounds good.

  6. Definitely another hand up for Drum and Bass. Uhhh… selecta.

  7. Personally like dubstep better — but haven’t tried producing either. So either way is cool with me. Word.

  8. I vote progressive! lol It’s soooo badass but dnb would be fun too

  9. I’ll second Progressive

  10. DNB or dubstep completely… all in favor raise hand!

  11. [...] I got to announce the winner of the hip hop composition competition this week! It was great fun listening to all the tunes, but it’ll be more fun to give out all the prizes! I’ve just got the e-mails from everyone who has won detailing what they want, so now I can sort it all out for them! To see the winners, click here! [...]

  12. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind DnB either.
    I liked the competition even though I’m not even close to the producinglevel of most of the BIAB forum.

  13. A trance one would GREAT too !!
    but every competion is good !! so waiting for the next and this time i’ll participate !!

  14. Dubstep would be great! But i haven’t done any dnb, so a Competition would be a nice incentive to get things started:P

  15. Ive been watching yur videos 4 a while now and i think its time 2 enter the competition. I use reason 4 and ive just invested in a M-Audio Oxygen 49 keep up the good work every1.



  16. you know what you said Dave, that it kinda lacked in originality…well, im not trying to knock the winner off or whatever…the beat is good, and congrats…but not only could you hear a rapper like Dr.Dre or Xzibit on it…but the 4th bars(not sure if that is how we call it…) really…and i mean really sound like Xzibit’s ”X” song produced by…..guess who??? DR.DRE!!

  17. Dnb or dubstep will do good for the next competition
    i will absolutely enter
    not that my things sound anything near to this level in quality

  18. I can’t get over the production quality of the winner, Riton. What DAW / hardware were you using ? Do you know Dave?

  19. there should have been a comma between “know” and “Dave” in that last post haha

  20. Electro Trash for the next competition?

    Whilst probably not the most popular genre, it’s probably the most level playing field.

    The D’n'B and Dubstep guys get the ridiculously heavy bass to work with, while the house, techno and trance people have a more familiar beat structure.

    The Hip-Hoppers might be at a bit of a disadvantage, but they did just get this contest. Besides, a whole ton of rappers are doing vocals for electro track nowadays anyway, so this is probably useful for them too.


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