Some of the less conventional noises that the Axe Fx makes – these barely sound like guitar at all at times!

Mastering your own tracks is a difficult process – there is a lot to learn and a lot of techniques to master (no pun intended (seriously; that would have been a terrible pun)), but here’s somewhere for you to brush up and learn some of the most useful techniques!

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Another quick video to show you some Axe Fx goodness, this time with the clean tones!   Enjoy :)

Just a quick video demoing some of the awesome presets on my new Axe Fx Ultra!  These are the rock and metal ones, there are clean ones and crazy ones coming up!

I think my favourite is the Recto one (second one played) – so heavy!

Okay! So the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the announcement for the winner and runners up for the Hip Hop composition competition!

There were a bunch of awesome songs submitted and it was frickin’ difficult to rank them, but I stuck to the 3 things I said I was going to judge it on:

- Production
- Originality
- Sour lemon test (How much it makes you pull a face like you’ve eaten a Sour Lemon)

As well as including the votes from the forum as a fourth category.

Okay, with all the preliminary stuff out of the way, here we go. The winner of the Hip Hop Composition Competition, who will get 5 free sample packs from is…

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Just a quick video to show you my new Axe Fx Ultra!   It’s pretty cool looking – I’ll be putting together some videos over the next week to show you what it’s capable of.

I got mine from - they’re the ones who sent the chocolate and refund when they didn’t send it in time.   I think if a company can admit when it makes a mistake then it’s a good company, hence me promoting it!


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