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So you’ve just got a new sample pack and you’re looking to do some interesting stuff with them.   Here are 10 suggestions to help you make the most out of your samples…

1. Stutter – Cut up your samples into tiny little pieces and place them next to each other.   Try it with a snare, cutting a 1/32 long slice and repeating it to create a brand new, glitchy, stuttery snare!

2. Filter - Try an extreme high pass above 3khz on a clicky kick drum to turn it into a hi hat, or a band pass on a snare to create some really unusual mid-range electro-percussion!   Filtering opens up a massive range of new sounds.

3. Drastically EQ - Emphasizing usually less prominent frequencies can change the focus of a sample so it sounds entirely different.

4. Cut – Cut a sample short to make it tighter, cut out little sections to give a more interesting, stutter-like effect or even cut out quiet parts of the sample, normalize them and use them as entirely new percussive samples!

5. Distort - Pretty self explanatory, you can seriously change a sample’s tone with some distortion.   It can make it hit harder whilst still maintaining the characteristics of the sound if you’re careful with how much you apply!

6. Layer – Put samples on top of each other to create new ones, really useful for making massive snares.

7. Compress – Make samples much punchier with compression, or add heavy multi band compression to make them feel bigger and give them a completely different tone!

8. Reverse - Not just for build ups; reversed samples, when cut short, can make for some interesting percussion!

9. Pitch Change - Turn your hi hat into a bass drum or your bass drum into a multi-sampled synth! (You can make a great Venga Boys style synth with a hardcore Gabba kick drum pitch shifted!)

10. Slow/Speed up – Get some massive, heavy explosive sounds by slowing a kick drum, or some really sharp Jungley snares from speeding up slower, Hip-Hoppier ones!


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One Response to “10 Ways to make the most of your samples”

  1. I must agree with this a lot. I like to layer my kicks, EQ them a lot, compress them to give it a punch and maybe pitch them so they sound correct with each other.

    I must say when you are layering, pitching them so that they are the same pitch is important, maybe do one octave lower/higher to give it some uniqueness.

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