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How often have you heard a song on the radio and heard a song you like… only to hear someone else singing over the top of it?

Recycling hits has become an increasingly popular past time for producers and here are 5 of the biggest hits that sampled other big hits!

5. Rihanna – SOS
Sampled: Soft Cell – Tainted Love

How many of the people listening to Rihanna’s huge hit know it was lifted from 1980s English synth pop duo “Soft Cell”‘s number 1 charting hit “Tainted Love” – itself a cover of a song by Gloria Jones. The original was written by “Ed Cobb” in 1964 – it’s gone from motown to electro pop to… uh… even electro-er pop?

4. Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say
Sampled: Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

Jason Derulo’s debut hit the number 1 spot in America, but that was in no small part attributed by many to the heavy sampling of Imogen Heap’s minimalistic “Hide and Seek”.

3. Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A)
Sampled: Jackson 5 – I want you back

The song that brought the words “Shizzle” and “Sheezy” to wannabe gangsters the world over samples the hit from the king of pop’s original band. While this version discusses Jay’s career as a drug dealer in earlier life, the original was slightly more upbeat story.

Incidentally, this was produced by Kanye West – a guy who has a tendency to heavily sample other hits to make even bigger hits as we’ll soon see…

2. Eminem – Stan
Sampled: Dido – Thank You

Eminem’s critically acclaimed song “Stan”, a song about a disturbed and scarily obsessive fan was made considerably more accessible by the addition of Dido’s verse lyrics from her song “Thank You”.

Stan became a number 1 before Thank You became a massive hit, making this one of the few songs to become a hit after the song that sampled it!

1. Kanye West – Stronger
Sampled: Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Kanye struck it big, going from rap megastar to pop megastar with his smash hit “Stronger”, which sampled Daft Punk and even featured them in the video.

However, Daft Punk can’t exactly talk since they sampled “Cola Bottle Baby” by Edwin Birdsong for their song – so this is actually a sample of a sample, clearly meaning it should be at number one on this list.


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3 Responses to “Top 5 Massive Hits that sampled Massive Hits”

  1. hmm… ja, i don’t know about this one, but have you heard STAARK? — ein erstaunliches neues indie ElektroPop band von Australien — worth listen! XD

  2. paper planes – M.I.A
    Straight to hell – The clash
    Or how a 5 second sample can make an entire new song.

  3. Nice list Dave.

    I had a little problem with the Kanye song at first but when I heard that DP was actually working with him to make the song, it cleared up my concerns.

    I actually like the Akira influenced video as well.

    At least with Kanye he basically let everyone know up front. Even though a lot of Electronic and Hip Hop samples, I think it’s important to pay respect to those people you lifted from.

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