It is now into double figures of this milennium, meaning that Dubstep is almost a decade old. It’s time to look at who is pushing the genre to its limits with high production quality, original ideas and internal-organ-destroying basslines.

It’s the top 5 Dubstep producers here in 2010…

5. Nero

Sub-Destroyer of choice: Act Like You Know (Dubstep mix)

Their myspace “sounds like” section sums it up nicely: “Classically trained musicians writing f***ing horrible music”. They love their vocal repetition and they love their buildups. Ocassionaly you’ll catch a bit of a melody in the drops too, which makes them seriously catchy.

4. Liquid Stranger

Sub-Destroyer of choice: GOTO80 Breakfast remix

A distinctive blend of dirty bass with… even dirtier bass. This is one of those producers that knows how to work dark atmospheres and regularly writes things that wouldn’t sound out of place in hell.
In a good way.

3. Mt Eden

Sub-Destroyer of choice: Beautiful Lies

Gorgeous Dubstep. Like being in a rainforest clearing with a waterfall running into a stream, a rainbow in the distance, birds chirping and an earthquake vibrating it in a non-destructive manner somehow. It just has to be listened to. Proves that the power of Dubstep can be used for good as well as evil.

2. Excision

Sub-Destroyer of choice: Swagga (with Datsik)

This is what Dubstep from outer space would sound like. Positively monolithic basslines and immense beats. Sounds like a spaceship is transforming into something that eats planets. A spaceship with a modulating filter cutoff.

1. Datsik

Sub-Destroyer of choice: Firepower

Insane production quality that show off some brilliantly dirty basslines describes this Canadian Dubstep producer. Unrelenting assaults from more bass synths than you can mentally process turn Datsik’s drops into something seriously special.


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48 Responses to “Top 5 Dubstep producers in 2010”

  1. replace Mt. Eden with anyone from Dub Police or Circus records dubstep, and you have yourself a list :)

  2. [...] Warning: This is an old list – for newer dubstep, you might prefer to check out the top 5 dubstep producers in 2010 [...]

  3. Eh? This isn’t the “top 5 dubstep producers in 2010″ post? Am I in some internet time parodox?

  4. what? where is tek one??????

  5. you should habe addes joker to the list!

  6. Hi there.I am new to this Dubstep,about half a year ago I was introduced to this kind of sound.Its perfect.Now I need your help.Once I heard a song symilar to these but it begins(I think)with the 20th century fox intro,or it is maybe somewhere in middle of the song.Does anyone know something like that,and one more….enjoy the silence from depeche was mixed in the song…it was crazy.I need those artists and songs,I want to hear them again but no luck.THANKS

  7. Top Dubstep Remixers are 16 bit

  8. No Bassnectar? Some of his newest stuff is so fat it needs liposuction.

  9. Flux Pavillion?
    Doctor P?
    12th Planet?

    at least one of them should be up there haha

  10. As far as computerised (I guess that’s what it’s called)dubstep goes, all about chrispy.

    Aside from that I’m dissapointed Dr Philth ain’t up there.

  11. Haaaaa… yo! what about SKRILLEX ? check his music, its Fucken Brutal!

  12. Lol where the flip is Caspa??? And I agree w/ whoever said that before…bassnectar needs to be on there. I do completely agree w/ Datsik tho! Freakin Awesome!

  13. all of this is generic garbage compared to (tek one)

  14. for mt eden, check out “sierra leone” my personal favorite, and “Prodigy – Omen”

  15. Some of his newest stuff is so fat it needs liposuction
    but fuckz ya fool
    basshead, teleport massive remix, timestretch, massive attack basshead spl remix holy shit mane
    talk about crackin some fuckin sub cones hahaha

  16. ruskoooooo

  17. If you like the song swagga by Datsik & excision the check this out:

  18. love massive attack, such champs, although i would not classify them as dubstep ever. just chill and badass

  19. dat IS sick!!!

  20. Datsik! YESS! And I agree with the person who mentioned SPL and Tek One. There’s so many good ones out there however, Black Sun Empire?!?! Where’s that??!

  21. bassnectar????????????????

  22. I agree with Famous Figures… Dub Police, just saw them in LA and they were amazing.

    And I also agree with Timmeh, BASSNECTAR. He adds such a variety to the element. Seeing him tonight at the Wiltern ironically.

  23. Rusko has some great ones too, but don’t you think he is becoming a bit commercial. Some of his tracks are so wack… I don’t always like every song from an artist but to completely dislike a couple of Ruskos bummed me out a bit… Curious to see what he has lined up for Brit Spears…

    Cookie Monsta should def. be up there.

  25. If u only check out on artist frm here check out funtcase, 50cal and wizard sleave are such tunes mattress punch is awsome too :)

  26. Agreed bassnectar is the shit…October 19th his new album will kill babies let alone crackin sub cones….but seriously rusko needs to be on there. I mean if you have ever been rollin at a rusko show or bassnectar show….girls get naked for no reason!

  27. LOL where the fuck is flux pavilion? doctor p? trolley snatcha? and mt eden is #3? thats some biast ass shit

  28. Flux Pavillion
    Memro(15 years old)

  29. Hey man thanks for the tips on the new dubstep muzak. DatSik is definitely SICK! I’m loving it…

  30. Hellz yeah! I got to meet Datsik! He’s the shit :) much smaller a person and way younger than you woulda thought hahah anyway you got a bad ass list here but you should replace the Mt Eden one with Mt Eden’s Sierra Leon! That song is beast!

    Anyway, dubstep for life baby! Rave always and PLURR to the end!

  31. “gmenwrote on October 31, 2010 at 8:09 am

    LOL where the fuck is flux pavilion? doctor p? trolley snatcha? and mt eden is #3? thats some biast ass shit”

    dude its music, its always going to biased, its all subjective. that said this list needs more Zeds Dead, The Killabits, Emalkay, J. Rabbit, Chrispy and if at all possible a third entry for Datsik

    sorry was that 6 artists for a 5 song list? guess you cant really compress all that womp into such a short and uninspired list

  32. Skrillex, Bassnectar, Datsik, Excision, CYBEROPTIX, Modestep, Rusko, Roksonix, Chrispy,
    Cookie Monsta, Downlink, Numbernin6. All have been making filthy dubstep as of lately. But check out Cyberoptix hes been making the dirtiest drops ever.

  33. Skrillex???

  34. BASSNECTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  35. Skrillex is the hottest new guy I have heard in a while, but you all have listed some greats here! Keep it up!

    much luv

  36. Where is Flux Pavilion, Rusko, Roksonix?

  37. ta for the list. You guys are awesome!

  38. Seriously folks? Skrillex? The guy doesn’t really produce dubstep, he does Glitch Step [dubstep wobble set to a house beat/bpm]. This list is much better than the last, but you can’t really pick just 5.

    I agree with others, where the fuck is Flux Pavilion, Chrispy and 16-bit, Doctor P and Bassnectar?

  39. Flux pavilion for sure.
    Screw ruskos new shit, r.i.p rusko.
    Bassnectar for sure.
    But weve forgotten nero!!
    Guess It’s only a top 5, everyone has an opinion, and that’s the beauty of music.

  40. Flux pavilion for sure.
    Screw ruskos new shit, r.i.p rusko.
    And fuck Skrillex up his arse, would be good if he could make a different song.
    Bassnectar for sure.
    But weve forgotten nero!!
    Guess It’s only a top 5, everyone has an opinion, and that’s the beauty of music.

  41. uhm deadmau5 skrillex?????

  42. Wow, your 2009 one was actually so much better than this 2010 list.

    Bass is the key to dubstep, hardly any of these producers make tracks that have little or no bass…

    Idgi. :\

  43. Kai really? I agree with the Datsik, but I believe that fucking skrillex and torus should be on here!

  44. Umm Ajapai?? Cmon his music is awesome…

  45. Great list way better than your old list btw subscribed to ur rss

  46. Torus Definetly needs to be on here, and Ajapai. Downlink, Klippa.

  47. hahaha i knew some faggot was gonna say “Where’s Skrillex?!” I agree with datsik and liquid stranger. and im seeing mt eden Oct 22.
    But cmon where the fuck is flux, downlink, foreign beggars, ajapai, big chocolate, funtcase, chaosphere, diesel, doc p, feed me, gemini, koan sound, roksonix, rusko, skism, skream, benga, guido or subscape?
    just to name a few.

  48. Who the fuck is skrillex? either way.. Datsik, Excision, Downlink, Bassnectar..Big names! cant go wrong unless your Unless you’re idea of dubstep is dance break beat patterns with some dub sounds..PPPCHH! off with cho head!

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