Propellerhead have released some videos about some of the new features in Reason 5 / Record 1.5 and it’s AMAZING. In fact, if you look back at this article I wrote last August about what Record was missing, it looks like they took my advice on several of the points!

In fact, the only thing they haven’t addressed is an audio scratching device and something better than the DDL-1 delay unit for delay goodness.

Here are the 5 things they *have* addressed…

1. Autotune

New Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth Device in Record
Super flexible high-quality processor to correct and shift pitches, create backing harmonies, formant shift or take your vocals into outer space

2. Live Drum Emulation

Introducing Kong Drum Designer (Reason)
Load, sculpt, build and tweak your sounds with your choice of drum synthesis, sampling, REX loops, physical modeling and custom-made effect modules for percussion on Kong’s 16 pads.

3. Linked Clips

Block based pattern sequencing mode makes song creation fast and flexible (Both)
Go from pattern-based arrangements to linear—to patterns again. Take your music beyond the eight bar loop.

4. Wave Editing

Live sampling is back! In the rack! (Reason)
Re-explore the lost art (and fun) of sampling. Every sample player becomes a sampler; record with a single click — further tweak with the built-in editor.

5. Crazy Sampling convenience

Dr.REX octuples into DrOctoRex Loop Player (Reason)
No matter how you use it—as a pattern sequencer for loops, or to completely mangle your REX’ed audio – it is guaranteed to inspire.

That last one was the only thing I didn’t mention in my article – but it looks bloody convenient. Propellerheads have said they’ll be letting me know next week about getting my hands on a copy – as soon as I do, you can expect some serious review/tutorialage coming out of it!

So what do you think?   Is it something to get excited about, or have they missed a vital piece of the puzzle?   I know some people are annoyed that ReCycle still isn’t integrated…


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15 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons for Reason 5 (and Record 1.5)”

  1. Hey Dave,

    I think it looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see it in action! I can’t decide what I’m more excited about: Neptune, live sampling, or KONG. I feel that the guys at Propellerhead took a big leap in the right direction with this one.

    P.S. the liquid dnb tutorial is getting pretty sick :)

  2. Hey there Matt!

    I know, right? Neptune and Kong are battling it out at the top of my “most anticipated” list.

    Glad you’re enjoying it :D

  3. Dang.. I’m seriously excited about Dr.Octo Rex Loop player… among other things :D

  4. Looks awesome!! Do you know when it goes on sale Dave?


  5. This is great stuff I love new toys its like being a kid again! Cant wait to get my hands on it.

  6. I am excited about this. I did not purchase record because of the audio handicap of pitch correction. You could only do it in rewire mode with another DAW, mine is Sonar 7 Producer Edition. I have been producing and recording music since 2005. I am a Reason fanatic and BETA tester for Reason only. My reason is that it is truely a work horse. Luvin it Propellerhead!This new addition let me get as technical as I want. This is truely an upgrade to purchase. I will purchase this ASAP! Sincerely

  7. Omg…. Thank’s a lot dave for these vids… it’s really amazing!!! I can’t wait to get it!!!!

  8. I tink Blocks is up there as number 1 on my list, Kong follows close behind and DR.OctoRex is there too. The next four years of my life in college will be filled with Reason 5 Goodness.

  9. Love the look of the octorex as u can take individual slices and even reverse them wow cant wait.

  10. Hey Dave! Thanks so much for posting these! Looks like I will be going to get record after all, Neptune looks great! :D Looks like it could blow abelton (my daw of choice) out of the water soon!
    Also, keep up the great work on the 7 day songs :D

  11. Reason 5 is gonna bring the heat!

  12. reason 5 is still going to have rewire correct

  13. i am soooo looking forward to fiddling around with the korg drum designer! as well as the samplage. soooo excited for this!

  14. This is the first time I have been excited by an update. I have found that Record has been a joy to use alongside Reason, but the update…I really feel that it has the potential to change the way we are going to make music. The Propellerhead adverts make it look all sooo easy, but even so it looks great. That’s what I respect about those guys, they want us to make music and as easy as possible; where as other DAW’s seem to want us to learn there way of working and hook us in. Dave, let us know asap about your thoughts

  15. Actually, Propellerheads already has something better than the DDL-1 delay, though it is not well advertised. It’s buried in the RV7000 reverb unit.

    Among its various reverb algorithms lie stereo delays, multi-tap delays that are configurable as ping-pong, and more.

    Granted it is not as simple to use as a DDL-1, but it is available and definitely worth checking out.

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