I found this on YouTube just now…

I know I’ve been conditioned into thinking loudness is best over the past few years, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate!

What do you think sounds better? Wall of noise or dynamic range heaven?

Do you find your percussion isn’t punchy enough?

Or that your vocals are wildly varied in volume?

Never fear – compression is here… Continue reading »

I was sent this video recently and it’s short, informative and contains british accents so I figured you guys might find it relevant and interesting! :D

When I’ve got the opportunity I’d love to do a video comparing the difference between an acoustically treated and a non acoustically treated room to hear how much it improves the sound quality of recordings, until then I’ll just watch the waves in that video vibrating until I fall into a physics-induced trance.

When you’ve finished your piece of music, you need a little something to turn it into a masterpiece – the “master” part!

Mastering is a vital link in the production chain. The final polish that will tidy the track up, ready for the masses to enjoy. But what does audio mastering involve? And how do you use those tools?

Let’s take a look… Continue reading »

This week’s introduction to a production technique involves a nice thick effect that can help make your synths and samples deeper and more filled out with virtually no effort on your part!

Sound far too good to be true? Well welcome to the world of chorus! Let’s get started… Continue reading »

Check it out: http://redbullbedroomjam.com/news/rbbj-festival-acts-announced-here


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