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13 Responses to “Ooh… What do I have here?”

  1. props on the reason. love your tutorials dave. they have taken me to the next level. we only have reason 4 buddy. stick with that. lol
    on the serious, how about a sidechaining tutorial? peace bruva, thanx again!!

  2. show us how you use the sample and if its any easier than reason 4

  3. whaaaaaoooooo i cant believe ,i’ll give my computer away to be at your place,well maybe not ,lol,please do a review of it a proper one ,what’s better that the previous version,what’s missing,what’s good in record ,is it going to simplify the use of reason?is the record of good quality?studio quality?
    Well please enjoy yourself and let us know ;D

  4. Hi dave, and thanks for your awesome site… I was wondering how to use the Dr. Octorex… I really haven’t use Dr.rex actively… at it wll be nice if you could give a little tutorial of how to use it… as the new components reason 5 comes with…
    Neptune for example sound pretty amazing… and maybe a little on record… Have never used it… and I believe its pretty usefull…

    Tanks a lot!


  5. Hi Dave,

    Most interested in Neptune. Can you show wether it would be possible just to play /sequence chords to harmonise a recorded voice? i hope that made sense..

    also i hear the combinator has more CV inputs- show off some mental modulation!



  6. Hi Dave,
    Cant wait for u to do some kick-ass tutorials on Record. I’ve had it for a while and think its an essential addition to any Reason users arsenal. The main difference it made to me while following your tutorials is not needing to create a Mastering Suite or a 14:2 mixer when starting a project… I’m hoping you can shed light on mastering the Mixing desk which is just awesome! I went to a Master class in Leeds last week where James Bernard ran through the new toys in R5. My heart sank! I spent a barrel o’cash on Sonar 8.5 Producer a few months ago. As James demo’ed Reason 5 I realised 98% of my Sonar sofware was gonna be pretty much redundant ‘cept for a couple of synths!! August 25th cant come soon enough for me. 5′s a prize!
    Keep up the great work Dave. pd.

  7. Kong Drum Designer with parallel distortion.

  8. i’m just now starting w/ reason4.. is reason5 enuf of a departure that i should upgrade immediately, or is all that i learn from your tutorials re: reason4 applicable to reason5?
    generally, what’s different, if anything?

  9. I dont even use Reason (used it in my midi class) and Reason 5 is very necessary… at this point I might actually consider getting it. It’s getting closer to a real DAW

    The Kong Drum Synth, does synth drums and physical modeling drums… that’s pretty awesome! It will get Reason users into “”making your own drum samples!”" which is very lacking with Reason producers who dominate with their subtractor basslines instead.

  10. Just dropping by to visit your site. I really do appreciate you giving the tutorials. I’ve taken a semester of guitar and only know a little about music theory and such but I love music.

    What I’d really like to see you do is give a tutorial on some of my favorite genres such as progressive breaks:

    -Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint

    And some modern hip-hop/r&b sounds from artists like:

    JC, Taio Cruz, etc.

    Again, many thanks for the tips and tutorials.

  11. Hey, got a copy of Record 1.0 but I’ve never got round to learning about the main mixer and all the things it can do, considering Propellerhead were boasting that it rivaled the mixers used in recording studios I was wondering if you could do a tutorial that actually went into detail about how to use all of it rather than the brief overview on the website?

  12. show me the KOOOOONG !!!! :D


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