It’s time for something a bit more obscure on the Axe-FX front!

In this tutorial, I explain a bit about vocoders and how to get your Axe-Fx ultra to function as one!

Click here for the guide!

This blog was written for – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

Man, all this electronic music is just so clean!   If only there was a magical button to give it that edge… that grit… that audible equivalent of teenage angst.

Well, it sounds like you need some distortion… Continue reading »

It’s come to a close – our lowriders are ready and our blocks shall be rocked!

In day 7 of the G Funk 7 day song tutorial, we explore mixing and mastering the genre, as well as playing the final finished song!

Click here for day 7.

So we’re nearing the end of our journey to the centre of Compton!

Day 6 of the G Funk 7 day song tutorial brings us some knowledge about notes and some advice on arrangement!

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No whistles, but we’ve got bells!   Today it’s all about sampled sounds for the G Funk tutorial.

Get your NN-XT on and learn how to chuck in cellos, piano and a big bell.

Click here for day 5 of the G Funk 7 day song tutorial!

It’s time for those extra sounds that make all the difference in day 4 of the G Funk 7 day song!

Get learning about blips, hits and my personal favourite – some vocoder fun!

Click here for day 4


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