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Hi, and welcome to boyinaband news!

Our top stories this month are…

- You and What Army won the red bull bedroom jam competition and have played 5 festivals!
- Next 7 day song will be…
- Office is finished!
- Stats and Free Stuff!
- Being in da studio with a freakin’ ace producer

Dave’s band You and What Army won the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Competition thanks in no small part to you guys.   Dave is very appreciative, and as a reward, he will stop speaking in the third person.

I’ve played all 5 festivals and this summer has been absolutely surreal.

Download involved getting to see Rage Against The Machine, meeting Dave Grohl amongst other famous people, and realising too late that the 1000 people packed into the tent when we played didn’t quite get my sense of humour when I joked that I was too big for download festival.   Whoops!   I still managed to get a bunch of what looked like zombies to make a circle pit to nebula, though.

T in the Park was less about the famous people and more about seeing freakin’ Eminem.   I’ve been listening to him since before I even understood half the words he was saying, so it was frickin’ sweet to say the least.   Playing T in the Park was good too, mainly since the security were more lax than at Download, so I got to jump off speaker stacks and we got to run around in the audience.   It’s also worth noting that

- muse played the most disgusting riff of all time,
- if you haven’t heard Dizzee Rascal – Heavy then you should, and
- it’s not advisable to start driving from Scotland to the middle of England at 11:30pm unless you think of those “Don’t drive tired” signs as a challenge.

At Sonisphere, we really got the crowd going, so much so that Kerrang Magazine gave us a 4/5K review this week – Sweet!   And apparently I’m a “Crazed professor of music”, which is always a good thing to be.

Underage festival was perhaps my favourite to play, simply because I’ve never seen so many kids attacking each other to my music before.   I cannot wait to play London again.

Hevy was more of a social event to me, though the festival was ace, I got to hang out with the other bands in the competition and enjoy the atmosphere (i.e. being surrounded by hundreds of inebriated musicians).

Next thing is that 3 bands get picked for another online vote and the winner gets to tour with Kids in Glass Houses, a band that have a huge following.   So suffice to say, if we get picked, I’m probably going to need your help!

7 Day Song

And the winner is… Psytrance!   Hardstyle fought bravely, being only a few percent behind, but it looks like you guys are really into your hypnotic, high-tempo riffs.

I’m afraid to say the next 7 day song will be a bit later than normal.   But that is for good reason, I’ll explain later.   To make up for it, I’ve got another project I’ve been working on that I plan to release soon.   I’m really looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

So the poll is now about something else – I want to venture into some different videos than simply Reason tutorials, but what should I do?

- Original Performances (MPC stuff or other quirky performance videos?)
- Interviews (Talk to some ace producers about their experiences)
- Reader Questions (Answer some of your questions in a video)
- Reviews (Review more pieces of software or hardware)

Head over to and let me know!

The Studioffice!

It’s all put together now!   Take a look.

Swivel chairs, green screen blinds and a guy with a beard and a clapper board that keeps appearing in my update videos for some reason.   What more could I ask for?

One thing I’ve learned from making this office is that Ikea meatballs are incredible.

Stats Time! + Free Stuff!

July brought in boyinaband’s 6000th subscriber!   The site is also averaging about 180,000 pageviews a month now, which is frickin’ sweet.   Another cool thing on the YouTube front – I hit a million total views back at the end of April, now we’re over 2 million here in August.   So it took about 2 years from my first video to the one million mark, now it’s taken about 1/8th of that time to double it.

Also, I’ve just realised that having over 6000 subscribers gives me the ability to get free stuff to review!   So you can expect reviews for Melodyne Editor and Superior Drummer 2 in the near future.   I’ve also got Reason 5 and Record 1.5 before it comes out, which is freakin’ exciting – expect reviews of all the devices in there soon.   Have you seen all the stuff about Neptune and Kong?   It sounds like Propellerheads are turning Reason into valhalla or something.


I’ve been working on a project called Proxies, which is a band put together by a homeslice of mine, Jordan and his mates. He found me through boyinaband ages ago, thought I had mad skillz, then we wrote some freakin’ awesome tunes.

Now, suffice to say I wouldn’t join another band without good reason – I frickin’ love YAWA and that’s where my focus lies musically, but Jordan has some seriously awesome connections and the Proxies tunes are completely different.   Recently we went into the studio with a producer who’s worked on some seriously high profile artists.

Let’s just say that if you’ve listened to the radio recently, you’ve heard his work.   It’s not set in stone yet, but I’m not one to pass up a chance to get wildly excited about things before they’re definitely happening, hence why I’ve had to push the 7 day song back.   It could totally be worth it if I can learn some tricks of the trade to teach you in future studio sessions.

Featured Artist

This month’s featured artist from the forum is Subver5ion, who has some quality drum and bass to show off.   His liquid stuff is ace, check out the track “Running Dry” for some chilled, jazz-tastic piano.   The wobble took a while for me to get used to, but it grew on me.   See if it does the same for you!

If you want to be the featured artist next month and promote your tunes to over 6000 boyinaband subscribers, head over to the forum at and post your music in the “Share your music” section.

As always, make sure you share your opinions on other people’s songs as well, otherwise you won’t be eligible!   I want to encourage friendly constructive criticism

Coming soon to boyinaband

So coming up, we’ve got…

- The Psytrance 7 day song
- A cool video I can’t wait to share with you
- Reason 5 preview-y goodness

Not too shabby, huh?

That’s it from me in August 2010 – Hope you enjoy the videos coming up in the next month, and I’ll see you all again for another update soon!

One last thing before I go – I’ve been thinking about another competition and thought I’d do it a bit differently.   I thought about getting you guys to make synths and make tutorials on how you made them, then getting the boyinaband audience to vote on the best synth tutorial.   How many of you guys would be up for making tutorials for a competition to win a bunch of stuff?   Let me know in a comment!

Cheers for watching and have a nice day!


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8 Responses to “Biab Update: Festivals, Studioffice & Proxies! – [Aug / Sept 2010]”

  1. Heya, great update! I’ve got some cool synths that i’d like to share, so expect some of those in the competition!

    (Also, shame about psytrance, i wanted trip-hop :[ )

  2. My favourite update to date, Dave.
    <3 stats. Some awesome ideas there for comps and stuff.

  3. Frickin’Sweet… I’ve learned so much with you dude… thanks!

  4. Great hearing about all the awesome things coming your way (and vicariously, our way)!
    As to a synth competition – I’ve definitely got a few home-brew synths I really like. It’d be a fun competition!

  5. Nice!! Im glad to see you moving up!! hope when you get really famous, you wont forget about us….WE NEED YOU!!! best tutor on the freakin’ net!! keep it up my dude!!

  6. Vicariously is a frickin’ AWESOME word. Kudos.

    And I fully intend to use any fame I acquire to help the internets :D

  7. No confirmed date yet I’m afraid! Should be within the month though!

  8. when will the psytrance tutorial be finished?? i want to see it soooooooooooo bad!!

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